4 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Islamabad

January 27, 2020 | Jobs | 0 comments

A large number of students in Islamabad are not locals. They come from cities and villages near the capital city and are often highly ambitious. Many afford their own accommodations, such as rent or hostel fees, and food. For that reason, most of these students are eager to find part-time jobs that will let them balance both their education and earning.

However, it’s not always easy to find a part-time job. Many already have accounts on job-finding websites and regularly read newspapers. But for those who are job-hunting for the first time, deciding the kind of job that would be suitable for them is not easy.

From housekeeping to sales, there’s a variety of part-time jobs that we see on TV shows and in movies. There are less options in real life, though, and here are the 4 most common of them:

  1. Content writing

Pays: Average to High

Benefits: A good skill to add to your resume; career path

Nowadays, there’s a lot you can do if you just know how to write. If you have a profile on Upwork, you might notice tons of jobs being available for freelance content writers. And if freelancing isn’t your cup of tea, then there are many organizations in Islamabad that hire content writers to write website blogs. There are also news websites that need writers for news and features.

If you don’t already know how to write but are still interested, then just take a few courses online and start practicing! You’ll be writing like a professional in no time. For more tips, check out ways to improve your English skills.

    2. Sales and customer service

Pays: Low to Average (depending on company)

Benefits: A good skill to add to your resume; career path

You go to a mall for shopping and you see tons of sales representatives that are your age. Working is sales is a very common route that students take in Islamabad, because most shopping districts are close to universities and hostels. Places like The Centaurus and Safa Gold are popular among part-timing students.



Pays: Average to High

What’s simpler than a student teaching a younger student? In Pakistan, tutoring is likely the most common part-time job that students opt for. Its timings are flexible and it usually pays well. If you can teach O/A Levels students, then it’s even better. Many high school students in Islamabad prefer to study from private tutors instead of tuition academies. Take advantage of that and start looking for tutoring opportunities! Who knows, maybe your classmate has a sibling that’s looking for a tutor.

  1. Babysitting

Pays: Low to Average

Babysitting is the less academic version of tutoring, if you tutor young kids. Most parents in Islamabad have careers and often have to leave their children home alone. Such parents look for reliable daycares or babysitters. If you’re good with kids, then you should start looking for families that need babysitters! Of course, the timings might not be as flexible as you’d like them to be.

There are many other jobs with less options that you can find online. Data entry, social media jobs, and many others are popular among students. For those, you will have to do more research. 

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