5 Benefits of Online Education

  • July 1, 2019
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5 Benefits of Online Education

In Pakistan, online education is a rapidly expanding industry with students becoming aware of the opportunities being offered. The advent of modern technology has spearheaded the old concept of distance learning in the form of online education. Educational technologies are providing people from all fields of life the chance to receive higher education without sacrificing or compromising the other commitments they may have in their life.

Universities Offering Online Education in Pakistan

Many universities in Pakistan now offer online courses and classes. Universities like Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and Virtual University (VU) have helped increase the higher education enrollment rates greatly.

While most of us are aware of what e-learning is, there is a lot of doubt about it because of its difference from the traditional education pattern prevailing in Pakistan. What are the benefits that e-learning offers?

  1. Customized Pace
  2. E-learning courses offer the opportunity to follow a self-customized pace. Unlike in traditional schooling, you will not need to follow the pace set for the entire class in an e-learning program. Every individual has a different pace of learning, and online education allows you to follow your own.

  3. Opportunity for Disadvantaged People
  4. People who cannot commute to an institution, or those who are disabled, no longer need to be deprived of education. With online education, they can sit at home and take advantage of this opportunity. Although universities offer facilities for the disabled, the hurdles that these students have to overcome are endless more complicated than they seem.

  1. The Convenience of Time and Place
  2. People who live busy lives and have other responsibilities don’t have to miss out on their education. The flexibility of e-learning courses allows them to study whenever it’s convenient for them. Part-time working students, full-time working adults, new parents, older people, the disabled — all kinds of people who live lives that don’t allow them much flexibility can benefit from online education because it makes up for the workability that they lack.

  1. Promotion of Independent Learning
  2. Online classrooms allow students to become independent learners, making them self-reliant. This leads to independent thinking and problem-solving. Studying alone develops these skills because there are many ways in which peers affect our learning styles and abilities.

  1. Option to Revisit Anytime
  2. If you didn’t understand a lesson or topic the first time, you don’t have to face the embarrassment of asking questions by raising your hand in front of the entire class. In online education, you can just revisit the lesson whenever you want to, as many times as you want to.

Finding Online Resources for Learning

In Pakistan, as board exams approach each year, students rush to bookstores to look for past papers. Both solved and unsolved past papers are usually available in the market, but more often than not, the standard of these papers is unsatisfactory. It’s even harder to find good materials for boards like the Federal Board and Karachi Board, which have extremely strict marking schemes and tight competitions. Most students prefer using unsolved papers because they allow them to solve the questions on their own and compare their answers to the marking schemes and textbooks.

There are also online resources offering past papers, textbook solutions, and notes to assist students enrolled in the educational boards of Pakistan with their exam preparations. Many students prefer saving time and using online resources. An example of such online resources is tutoria.pk, an e-learning website catering to high school students from different parts of Pakistan. The education boards in the coverage of tutoria.pk include the Federal Board, Lahore Board, Peshawar Board, and Karachi Board, among many others. The materials that tutoria.pk offers include past papers, textbook solutions, quizzes, concept videos, and much more.

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