With the growth of e-learning, more and more students are recognizing the need to become independent learners. In fact, many are already full-fledged independent learners. This type of learning is extremely important for matric and intermediate students, as they’re in higher classes.

What is independent learning?

Independent learning is when a student is able to think about and understand the concepts in their studies by themselves. An independent learner is autonomous: they do not need anything but their sources and thinking to cover concepts. Independent learning does not mean learning without any guidance at all. As an autonomous learner, you will not need to receive the same levels of guidance that you do from a teacher or tutor.

Here are some skills that will make you an independent learner:

  1. Active reading
  2. In order to be an active reader, you will need to learn how to read with concentration. You won’t have anyone to explain the meaning of the text to you, so you will have to rely on your own reading skills. Think about what you’re reading and absorb as much information as you can.

  3. Summarizing and skim reading
  4. Teachers and tutors often summarize long text for you so you can understand it better. But, as an independent learner, you will have to rely exclusively on your own summaries. Learn how to skim read and pick only information that’s relevant to you.

  5. Answering questions yourself
  6. If you have a question, pick up your textbook or search online for the answer. In fact, searching for answers will help you become a more thorough learner. You will also become more knowledgeable, especially about your subjects.

  7. Studying with the help of different sources
  8. Don’t just stick to one book for the entirety of your study sessions. There are many sources for learning. As a matter of fact, there are many students who don’t learn well by just reading. Lots of students prefer learning through videos and documentaries. Some even learn by doing experiments and hands-on practices!

  9. Using good study materials
  10. If you’re just using past papers that don’t meet the standard of your education board to study, you’re ruining your chances of good grades. Don’t rely on materials that you know are not satisfactory. Make sure that you’re studying with materials that are up to par with your education board’s requirements. Past papers, especially, are one of the most important studying materials for students in intermediate.

Becoming an independent learner isn’t just knowing how to self-study. Independent learning is self-reliance. You should be able to seek the answers to your questions yourself. You should be able to learn from sources that will not be teaching you or interacting with you. And, the most basic skill that you must acquire to become an independent learner is self-discipline. If you can’t drive yourself to study a certain way at a certain time without the external push of a teacher or tutor, you are not an independent learner.

Make sure you follow the above mentioned tips and manage your time wisely.