Best Cities for Studying in Canada

September 11, 2020 | Exam Preparation | 0 comments

12th class students who are interested in studying abroad have surely considered Canada as a top education destination. Known for its chilly weather, warm and welcoming people, and its high standard of education, Canada is a prime study destination for 12th class students who dream of pursuing their university education internationally. 

Canada is a large and diverse country, with plenty of provinces and cities. Many of these cities are hotspots for international students. They are great in terms of hospitality, transportation, and high-class universities. 

Here are the best cities for studying in Canada:



As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto is a very popular destination for international students. Not only is it culturally diverse, but it also enjoys all four seasons’ weather. It is home to a number of prestigious universities, such as the University of Toronto, York University, McMaster University, and Queen’s University. 

These are all popular and highly competitive universities to gain admission into. Therefore, 12th class students should thoroughly understand the eligibility requirements for each institution, and undertake strong exam preparation for the final exams



Vancouver is another popular study destination. Located in British Columbia, it is a beautiful city, filled with lush green sceneries. Two of its universities, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, are internationally ranked and highly reputed. 

12th class students who would like to study in Vancouver should prepare themselves for rainy weather and beautiful greenery. Once again, these universities are very competitive, so students must prepare well for their final exams and English Proficiency Test, using good quality exam preparation tools such as solved past papers and book notes to study. 



As the most populous city in Quebec, Montreal is host to some of the best internationally recognized universities, including McGill University. It is a bilingual city, with the majority of the population being fluent in both English and French. 12th class students who would like to learn a new language can definitely brush up on their French in Montreal!

Montreal is an extremely student-friendly location, with a well-integrated public transit network to make commuting to and from university easier. Again, students must read the eligibility criteria and score the required marks in order to gain admission.



Ottawa is the official capital city of Canada and a great city for international students. Here there are plenty of well-established universities, including the University of Ottawa. It is a culturally diverse destination that is very welcoming to international students from around the world. 

Ottawa is also home to some of the biggest technology companies in the world. So it is a great destination for 12th class students with an interest in IT, innovation, and technology. Students must score the required grades in order to be eligible for admission. 

Each year, Canada welcomes thousands of students from abroad, from countries across the world. Many Pakistani students also gain admission into these prestigious higher education institutions. So, if you are interested in studying abroad, then consider these fantastic cities in Canada. 

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