Best Countries to Study Abroad for Free

October 18, 2020 | Study destination guide | 0 comments

Studying abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. Many intermediate students give up their dreams to study abroad due to the misconception that international studies are always expensive. 


While it is true that tuition in popular countries such as the USA, Australia, and the UK are often on the costly side, there are a plethora of other countries that offer a high standard of education at a very affordable cost. In fact, there are even some countries that offer a high standard of education at absolutely no tuition cost!


Yes, that means that it is completely possible to study abroad for free! Here are the best countries that offer tuition-free higher education.



Germany offers free tuition in public universities for all students, including international students. The reason for this is that the German government believes that free access to higher education ensures economic growth and welfare for the greater population. It is one of the most popular study options for international students, due to its great reputation for good quality education, English medium programs, welcoming international students’ policies, and free tuition fees.



Many intermediate students dream of studying in France. It is a popular travel destination due to its rich culture, scenery, and cuisines. It is also well known for a high standard of education. Public universities in France offer free tuition fees for all students, including international students. It is important to note, however, that some popular private universities in France do charge hefty tuition fees, so students should opt for the public sector institutes to avail free tuition.



International students can study abroad for free in Norway for just a registration fee of about $50. This Scandinavian country is known for its friendly people and beautiful landscapes. However, many university programs are taught in the native Norwegian language, so intermediate students should either be prepared to learn Norwegian or search for good English medium programs.



International students can study at one of Brazil’s esteemed public universities for free, with just a very small registration fee. In order to gain admission, however, students must prove that they can speak and understand Portuguese with a CELPE-Bras certificate. Therefore, intermediate students should take the time to learn the language if they wish to study abroad for free in the exotic country of Brazil!


These are just a few good options for intermediate students who wish to study abroad for free. Keep in mind that admission in these countries is highly competitive, therefore students should score top marks in the 12th class final exams in order to secure a seat. 


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Furthermore, students should understand all the eligibility criteria and language requirements before applying for admission and study visas.

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