Best Study Sources for O Levels Study Notes

Best Study Sources for O Levels Study Notes

When preparing for the GCE O Levels final exams, there is a need for effective exam preparation resources. And study notes are the most effective tool for learning and understanding the syllabus.


If you are preparing for your O Levels final exams, then you are probably struggling to find the best source for effective study notes. To help you out, we have compiled this list of best sources for making the O Levels final exams study notes.



The first option for making O Level study notes is with the help of the GCE recommended textbook, which is listed on the syllabus for each subject. The textbook has complete explanations for each chapter. Therefore, in order to make notes, you will need to read through the chapters and write down the important information, in bullet point form, in your notebook. This is a great source of making notes as it will give you an opportunity to read the complete chapter information, and then write down the main points in your own words.

End of Chapter Summaries

At the end of each chapter, there is a summary of the major points described in the chapter. This is a great source for making the O Levels study notes. It concisely summarizes the entire chapter, making it easier to locate the important points and write it down in your notebook.


Lecture Videos

Lecture videos are a perfect way to make effective study notes. This is because lecture videos provide clear explanations of each topic, with the option to pause while you jot down notes in your notebook. You can also rewind and rewatch the video to catch other important points that you may have missed out while writing the notes. For the best lecture videos for all subjects and educational boards in Pakistan, including Federal Board and O Levels, visit!


Solved Past Papers

Solved past papers are another great exam preparation tool that comes in handy for writing study notes. Obtain the previous five-year solved past papers for your GCE O Levels subjects. Next, read the solutions for each question and jot down the important points from each solution. You can refer back to these notes when attempting the past papers questions on your own. This is a great way to effectively prepare for the final exams.


Book Notes

If you do not have the time to make your own notes using the above-mentioned sources, then you can get a hold of O Levels book notes. The book notes, which are available on, include complete notes of the entire syllabus, already written and compiled. This is an easy and quick way to obtain complete study notes for revision and learning. However, for the best exam preparation, it is always recommended to spend some time writing down the notes by hand to boost your understanding.


These are the best sources for making notes for the O Levels final exams. For the best exam preparation, use a variety of these sources, as this will help you get notes with complete information of the syllabus.

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