Best Universities in Canada for Master’s Students

  • November 21, 2020
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Best Universities in Canada for Master’s Students

It is no secret that Canada houses some of the most reputable universities in the world. Known for its high standard of education, Canada has several universities that constantly rank among the world’s best higher education institutions.


Hence, Canada is an ideal study destination for international students to pursue a Master’s degree. There are plenty of institutions that offer top of the line Master’s programs, that are especially welcoming towards international students.

Here are some of the best Canadian universities for Master’s degrees:


University of Toronto

Located in the large cosmopolitan city of Toronto, UofT is very welcoming to students of different nationalities and backgrounds. This university is great for attaining a Master’s degree, with over 200 postgraduate programs to choose from.


The University of Toronto also happens to be one of the most competitive universities to gain admission into Canada. Hence, students must produce an exceptional application in order to secure admission. This involves scoring top marks on the 12th class final exams and maintaining a good GPA throughout their undergraduate program.


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University of British Columbia

With its beautiful lush green landscape, the University of British Columbia is a desirable Canadian university among all international students. It offers over 300 programs for postgraduate studies and has strong alumni of Nobel prize laureates and Olympic gold medalists. UBC is yet another world-renowned university with high admission criteria.


McGill University

Located in downtown Montreal, McGill University is a leading university for Master’s degrees. In fact, McGill’s MBA ranked as the number one best MBA in Canada. It is also ranked number one by Times Higher Education for its environment, international student/staff and gender diversity. McGill University offers plenty of Master’s degrees, from healthcare & medicine to management, humanities, and even engineering.


McGill University also has high admission criteria, meaning that students must maintain a GPA above at least 3.2 out of 4.0 in their undergraduate program to be considered for admission.


McMaster University

McMaster University is an Ontario-based university that is renowned for its medical school. International students can also obtain a Master’s degree from one of its impressive faculties of engineering, business, humanities, social sciences and science. This university collaborates with many universities and institutions abroad, making it a great university for international students.


University of Alberta

Moving over to the city of Edmonton, The University of Alberta is home to a friendly community of over 7,700 international students. This university also offers a diverse range of postgraduate programs, including Master’s degrees in 7 different departments. International students also have the opportunity to gain specialized degree programs with hybrid learning and integrated research experiences with its NSERC CREATE programs.


These are the top universities for students to obtain postgraduate studies in Canada. These universities are very highly ranked. Hence, the admission requirements are quite high. Therefore, students who are interested to study abroad in Canada must study hard throughout their academic tenure, scoring well on the 12th class final exams with the help of’s exam preparation resources, and maintaining a good GPA throughout their undergraduate studies.


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