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Best Ways to Manage Stress Caused by School

July 4, 2019 by Admin in Study 6 min read

Best Ways to Manage Stress Caused by School

People typically assume that students, especially those in high school, can’t exactly feel much stress. But teenagers are actually highly susceptible to stress and their stress can lead to serious problems that affect their physical health, mental wellbeing, and even academic performance.

The symptoms of stress in students include constant headaches, frequent sickness (weakened immunity), insomnia, low energy, digestive problems, appetite changes, and even depression. Ignoring these signs and symptoms is nothing but inviting trouble.


So what should you do to manage stress as a student? Here are some suggestions for effective stress management:


  1. Exercising regularly
  2. Exercise is something that we’re regularly told the importance of but only a few of us actually understand it and work out. When people think about exercising, they picture a gym with intense work out sessions. However, that is not the only way to exercise. You can do cardio or yoga at home, go on walks every morning or jog/run.

  3. Practicing hobbies
  4. It is important for our health to have a healthy hobby. Doing something you love will always improve your mood and help you battle stress. Such hobbies include reading, listening to music, writing, drawing, gardening, or even doing puzzles! There’s a sea of hobbies to pick from. You’ll definitely find something you’ll love doing.

  5. Eating a healthy diet
  6. You are what you eat. If you only ingest processed or greasy foods like cup noodles or fried snacks, you’ll do nothing but damage your health in every way possible. It’s okay to enjoy such treats once in a while, but the healthier alternatives should always be your priority. Eating a healthy diet will also improve your brain performance and help you feel better in general.

  7. Pacing yourself
  8. Many people don’t know how to pace themselves when it comes to any form of work — whether it’s studying for your board exams or an actual job. Procrastinating important tasks until there’s little to no time left makes them rush through everything and cause themselves unbearable stress in the process. Follow a pace that lets you keep up with everything in your life without compromising an integral part of it, like sleep, socializing, or studying.

  9. Talking to people about your problems
  10. Everyone has problems and you should never be ashamed to discuss them in a way that would help you feel better. When you feel like your stress might overwhelm you, don’t hesitate to sit down with someone you trust and vent. They might even be able to offer you good advice!

Ignoring stress is never a good idea. Although you may have convinced yourself that you’ll be okay without doing something about it, it’s going to burn you out eventually and that is extremely dangerous. It’s important to always look after yourself and resorting to harmful activities to deal with stress is only going to create more problems in the future.


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