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Can Biomedical Engineering Grads Become Doctors?

February 21, 2020 by Admin in Jobs, Study 4 min read

Can Biomedical Engineering Grads Become Doctors?

There are countless students in Pakistan who want to become doctors. Many of them shape their entire life in a way that will guarantee them success in this particular venture, from enrolling in tuition academies since high school to actually picking majors-best for medical careers.

However, there are also some students that pick more diverse majors but still aim towards becoming doctors. 

And just like that, some people who have undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering wonder if they will be able to become doctors later on.

The answer to their question is ‘yes’, and here’s how:

  1. You have to pass through a medical school to become a doctor
  2. In order to get into medical school, you need to pass the MCAT
  3. The MCAT has no specific requirements for a major as long as the grades are excellent with great letters of recommendation
  4. Some majors are more geared towards a career in the medical field and Biomedical Engineering is one of them
  5. To meet the MCAT premed requirements, BioMed Engineering students will simply have to take a few extra classes after their final semester to qualify
  6. Your plan will depend on where you live. Some countries, like the USA, just require immersion programs before medical school
  7. Your grades matter
  8. You just have to prepare as well as you can for the MCAT

With the help of the steps and tips given above, Biomedical Engineering students can easily prepare to apply for medical school. Keep in mind that the journey to becoming a doctor is long and winding, with several steps before you even reach medical school.

Some experience in shadowing/practicals will also help your application process.

If you’re a student still in high school researching for future plans, then keep in mind that this is one of your best opportunities to study. Get the best grades in your intermediate exams and study as hard as you can for your university entry tests with the help of past papers and exam guides.

A lot of students overlook the entry test preparation and that rarely ever turns out well for them. To study, you can use websites like to prepare with high-quality solved past papers and book notes. 

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