Causes Of Students Failure In Exams

Causes Of Students Failure In Exams

Nobody ever wants to experience failure in their lives, particularly during exams, yet many students do. It is unfortunate when a student is unable to achieve the marks that they are capable of on their BISE board exams, but sadly, this is a reality that some students face.

There are many possible factors which cause students to underperform on their final BISE board exams.

The most common reasons for failure on the final BISE board exams:-

Lack of Interest

There are many students who are simply uninterested in developing an effective exam preparation strategy, or they do not take the final BISE board exams seriously. Several of these students believe that “winging it” will be enough to pass, so they do not spend time actually trying to learn the syllabus. Such students face a rude awakening when they enter the examination hall and see the knowledge of technical terms that are required, which they evidently do not have knowledge of.

Ineffective Exam Preparation

Some students are interested in preparing for their exams, but they are unsuccessful in developing an effective exam preparation strategy, which causes them to underperform on the final BISE board exam. This could be due to lack of time management which prevented them from utilizing their study sessions, improper study techniques, or using incorrect study resources.

Insufficient Past Papers Practice

Candidates who are not well-versed with their educational boards BISE past papers often do not have the right skills to effectively attempt their final BISE board exam. Solving your educational boards BISE past papers from the previous 5 years, e.g. Karachi Board past papers , will give you sufficient preparation and confidence for attempting the exam in an effective manner. However, students lack BISE past papers practice tend to underperform due to this.

Lack of Exam Writing Techniques

Despite having sufficient practice of the educational boards past papers, e.g. Gujranwala Board past papers from 2014 to 2018, some students simply do not know the techniques for properly answering exam questions. This could include having a poor answer structure, adding irrelevant information, or not understanding what the question is asking. This causes students to lose marks as they are unable to effectively convey their knowledge to the examiner.

Low Confidence and Stress

A lack of self-confidence can cause a student to second-guess themselves during the exam, leading to scratched out answers, messy handwriting, poor time management, and jumbling up of information. As a result, the examiner is unable to understand the answer sheet, which leads to a severe loss of marks. Low confidence often arises as a result of poor BISE past papers preparation and extreme stress.

Now that you are aware of some common causes of failure in the final board exams, you can change your behavior and take actions in order to prevent it from happening to you. While it may seem nerve-wracking and daunting to put time and effort into developing and implementing an exam strategy, it will be worth the effort. Studying for your BISE board exams will be effective and fruitful, as long as you are willing to put in the dedication and effort.

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