Educational Fears By Age

July 24, 2019 | Education System | 0 comments

Preschool To Kindergarten

  • Fear of starting school for the first time
  • Fear of being away from parents
  • Fear of meeting new people
  • Fear of a new environment
  • Fear of learning new things (e.g. numbers, alphabets, etc…)

Class 1 To Class 5

  • Fear of entering a new class
  • Fear of having new teachers
  • Fear of learning advanced subjects (e.g. mathematics)
  • Fear of longer school hours
  • Fear of increased workload (e.g. homework)

Class 6 To Class 8

  • Fear of entering middle school
  • Fear of increased importance of education
  • Fear of increasing pressure from parents
  • Fear of increased workload 
  • Fear of fitting in, growing up, other social pressures
  • Fear of increasingly advanced subjects (e.g. algebra)

Class 9th To Class 10th

  • Fear of entering high school 
  • Fear of board exams
  • Fear of making subject decisions that will determine career path
  • Fear of further social pressures
  • Fear of increasing workload
  • Fear of increased pressure from teachers, parents, peers, to perform well

Class 11th To Class 12th

  • Fear of board exams
  • Fear of the future (e.g. higher education)
  • Fear of advanced subjects and more difficult syllabus
  • Fear of underperforming in exams
  • Fear of balancing education with social and personal life


  • Fear of their children underperforming
  • Fear of unmotivated children
  • Fear of poor grades from their children
  • Fear of overburdening their children
  • Fear of their children’s development, social lives, etc…

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