Effective Strategies to Improve Your Exam Results

January 2, 2020 | Exam Preparation | 0 comments

If you are interested in finding new strategies to improve your exam performance and give the grades on your final exam result a major boost, then you are not alone! Many students struggle with coming up with an effective exam preparation strategy that actually helps them increase their grades. This is because coming up with an effective exam preparation strategy requires an investment of time, energy, and, most importantly, effort.

Here are some easy and effective exam preparation strategies that you can implement in order to achieve academic success on your final BISE exams!

Create a Study Plan

No strategy is effective without some sort of game plan. There is a difference between a strategy and a goal. If your goal is to effectively study for your final BISE exams and improve your exam results, then you need to have a plan that backs it up. This creates a strategy. So, try to break down your strategy into parts, in order to figure out how to meet your ultimate goal. For example:

  • Create a daily study schedule
  • Give plenty of time to study each subject
  • Determine your learning style for understanding the syllabus
  • Make use of the textbook and learn conceptually
  • Practice the previous 5 years past papers
  • Revise frequently using revision techniques that suit you

 For each part of the plan, you will need to break it down further. For instance, when creating a daily study schedule you must ask yourself:

  • How many hours do I need for exam preparation each day?
  • How can I utilize this time effectively?
  • Does my study schedule interfere with other daily activities?

Implement the Study Plan

Creating a game plan is useless unless it is effectively implemented. So, make sure that you follow whatever study schedule and exam preparation techniques that you decided on. If you really want to improve your exam results, you will require a serious investment in your time and effort. Without your dedication, you will not feel the urge to follow the study plan that you created in the earlier step. Here are some tips to help you implement your exam preparation strategy:

  • Track your progress according to the syllabus. Tick off each topic that you complete from the syllabus, so you can see how much it left to cover
  • Solve past papers each time you complete a chapter. This way you can implement and test your knowledge and understanding of the topic.
  • Match your own past papers solutions with the solved past papers. This will give you an idea of your preparation and the marking scheme.
  • Hold yourself accountable to follow the study schedule. If you miss an exam preparation session one day due to another obligation, make sure to make up for it.
  • Set a reminder before each exam preparation session. This will encourage you to collect your materials and start studying on time.

Support the Study Plan

While you focus on creating and implementing an effective exam strategy, you should also take care of your physical and mental health. This is because when you are healthy, you will be more effectively able to implement the strategy and learn better. This is because optimal physical and mental health will boost brain performance and facilitate memory retention and learning. So, be sure to take care of your health while working towards increasing your exam results! Here are some tips to care for your health that will facilitate the study plan:

  • Sleep on time. You will not be able to effectively focus and retain information when you are sleep deprived
  • Follow a healthy diet. Include brain boosting foods into your daily diet that will facilitate better learning and brain performance, and cut out junk food.
  • Exercise regularly. This will keep you physically fit while also boosting brain performance and cognitive function. Even a daily light walk is sufficient!
  • Manage your stress. When you experience exam stress or pressure at any point, take a break and try some meditation techniques.

This comprehensive strategy will truly help you study effectively and improve your exam results on your final BISE exams.

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