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Tips for Improving English Grammar Fast

For most English language students, the most tedious part of the subject is grammar. It can be difficult to learn all the grammar rules and implement them correctly. However, it is an essential part of developing your English language skills, and good command over grammar is necessary for read more

April 27, 2020

Important Questions for 10th Class’ English

10th class students have to be especially careful about how they perform in their exams because their marks in this year will decide their percentile for matric. And English is a very lengthy subject. Although most students enjoy it, they also know that they will have to study very hard fo read more

February 20, 2020

Commonly Confused Words in English

English is a tricky language to learn. Confusing spellings and numerous exemptions to grammar rules are just some complaints that first-time English learners have. Not to mention words with different meanings that sound exactly the same! On the other hand, English is easy to learn in a lo read more

February 13, 2020

Creative English Projects for High School Students

Studying grammar and reading literature can get monotonous for students and teachers alike. It may seem like this is all there is to do when studying English as a subject, but this is not true. In fact, English is one subject that provides maximum opportunities for creativity. That being read more

January 30, 2020