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ریاضی میں اچھے نمبر لینے کا طریقہ

ریاضی بہت سارے بچوں کو ایک مشکل مضمون لگتا ہے مگر پیارے بچوں اگر آپ اس کو دلچسپی سے حل کروگے تو یہ آسان ہوجائے گا. لوگ کہتے ہیں کہ شاہد زہین طلباء ہی ریاضی کو سمجھ read more

June 3, 2020

Types of Students Before Exams

Exams are like a Greek tragedy, at least for some students. Your life is going great, filled with colors and all this comes to a screeching halt when the date sheet gets announced. While many of us cram and overload our brains with course material, some do not give up their jam for pett read more

June 3, 2020

Why Online Learning is Better

There is no doubt that e-learning is a revolutionary educational trend in modern times. In recent years, the popularity of online learning worldwide has skyrocketed, and now it is becoming available in Pakistan.   The benefits that online learning provides to students is unmatch read more

June 3, 2020

Students Feelings as Soon as Final Exams are Over

Exam season is an extremely stressful experience for all students. For most, exam season means a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings, which starts from the beginning of the school year and continues on even after the final exams are over.   After the seemingly endless months read more

June 1, 2020

Paper Presentation Tips for Federal Board Exams

We have been hearing this phrase since our childhood, “The first impression is the last impression”. It holds true for almost every situation, including your papers—especially if you are appearing on the federal board. The person who is checking your paper does not know you, neither read more

May 26, 2020

How to Study Productively During Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is here! This is the month of the Islamic Calendar where Muslims across the world engage in the remembrance of the Almighty God. This is done by fasting, prayer, and reciting the Holy Book.   It is a glorious month, however, one thing is for sure. The 3 read more

May 21, 2020