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Facial recognition aiming to beat the Covid-mask challenge

10 months ago by Mahnoor Izhar in Health & Lifestyle, LifeStyle 2 min read

Facial recognition aiming to beat the Covid-mask challenge

Facial recognition and face marks don’t really go along which is a fact we have accepted in this new Covid world. Technology has a way of finding out how to counter such miscommunications by adapting to customer demands. 

It comes as a shock that wearing a mask will not disable a computer from identifying a person. But the case stands that the technology used to analyze faces will be less accurate if a portion of your face is concealed. 

According to testing done on multiple contenders, it was concluded that there is a 5-50% error rate when digitally masked faces were being matched to their respective original photos. 

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According to the latest updates, some facial-recognition technologies work wonders with face masks on. 

In fact, US researchers performed a “controlled-scenario test” that delivered a 96% success rate although systematic results significantly varied. This means that companies looking to arrange photo ID checks can now allow employees to keep their masks on and not disrupt Covid-19 protocols. 

Such advancements are gaining speed as Disney world announced that they would be initiating a trail-based facial recognition mechanism this month. In it, the technology will capture the person’s face with the mask on and dedicate a number to it which will be used for entries/exits.

Alternatively, FB is looking to impart facial recognition into its smart glasses.

Mahnoor Izhar
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