FBISE’s New Textbooks for Matric and Intermediate

FBISE’s New Textbooks for Matric and Intermediate

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has recently changed its textbooks for SSC and HSSC, i.e. matric and intermediate. Before, most of the books used to be the ones published by Punjab Textbook Board. But now, the Federal Board has also designated KPK Textbook Board’s books now as well. Many subjects have the National Book Foundation Islamabad’s publications as the official textbooks, as well.

For subjects like Islamiyat, FBISE has allowed books from any textbook board in Pakistan. This is because the curriculum for such subjects is more or less the same throughout the country.

Here is a general overview of the new textbook boards for each class in the Federal Board:

SSC Part I (9th class)

For all groups, the English Compulsory textbook is published by Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore. 11 textbooks have been chosen from this publishing board for the entire 9th class curriculum. The economics textbook is published by Sindh Textbook Board, Jamshoro. To find out which books the board has chosen for your subjects, make sure to check the new syllabus on the official FBISE website.

SSC Part II (10th class, matric) 

Again, the majority of subjects’ textbooks are the ones published by the Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore. The rest include NBF, PLD Publishers, Ilmi Kutab Khana, and Gohar Publishers. To find out more details, ask your school/college or visit the Federal Board website.

HSSC Part I (11th class, intermediate part 1)

From this class, the Federal Board has chosen many KPK Textbook Board books as well, such as for subjects like English. The rest include mostly the Punjab Textbook Board. Since it’s a high grade, there are many independent publishers are writers recommended too. Make sure you read the list carefully before purchasing your books.

HSSC Part II (12th class, intermediate part 2) 

Class 12th’s curriculum’s textbook publishers are more or less the same as the ones of the 11th classes. With NBF, Punjab Textbook Board, and KPK Textbook Board making up the majority, students are required to pay more attention to the syllabus than the publishers.

Now that you have an idea of what are the books that you need to buy for your academic year, don’t waste more time. It’s always a good idea to read your textbooks before your classes start because that way you easily know what details the teacher is teaching.

Keep in mind that these books are being used from the academic year Spring 2018-2019.

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