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Secret Study Hacks for Exam Preparation

While exams are stressful at all stages, preparing for board exams remains the most nerve-wracking job in the educational career. All this stress, confusion, and panic can impact your performance and overall result. Moreover, even when you are studying hard, you may not get the desired res read more

July 30, 2020

Why is General Knowledge Important

General knowledge is defined as having knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Having a wide span of knowledge over a variety of subjects can be very helpful to us. It develops the brain, gives new insights and perspectives, and can help face various situations in life.  Moreover, gene read more

July 29, 2020

How to Deal With Student Peer Pressure

What is Peer Pressure? Peers refer to a social group that has a similarity. Matric and intermediate students have many peers, including friends, classmates, neighbors, school mates, etc.. These peers can influence you in many ways. Some ways may be positive, and others may be negative. Th read more

July 20, 2020