Five Smart Tips to Learn a New Language

August 2, 2020 | E learning | 0 comments

Acquiring a new language proves to be very useful when you enter the professional world. It is an additional skill set that is not very difficult to attain. You can learn a new language easily in quite a short time. It is not always about expensive classes or learning software. Here are a few tips to learn a new language:


Learn Vocabulary

When you are mastering a new language, learning its vocabulary is a tricky part. Give yourself a target of words of that language you will learn every day. Obviously, you would not be able to understand the entire sentences at the initial stage. However, if you know the common words, you may be able to get the sense of the sentences.

Hence, start with working on the 100 most common words of the language you want to learn. You can look up these words online and be a part of the e-learning process.


Use Technology

E-learning is becoming a popular trend now. You can use it for learning a new language. Many tutorials and online courses with no to minimal charges are available online. You can also reset the language on your phone or browser to get familiar with the new words. There are many online games as well that can help you learn a new language.


Set Goals

In order to learn a language fast, you should set (specify) goals you want to achieve. It will narrow down your focus and delineate the overwhelming tasks. For instance, you can set a goal of learning at least 30 new words within a week. And in the next week, you can tasks yourself to use them in sentences.



Find a friend who is native speaker of the language you aspire to learn. Having a conversation, regardless of how strenuous or awkward it can be, will help you achieve fluency in that language. Experts say that an hour of conversation in a specific language is similar to five hours in a classroom and ten hours in a language course.


Do Not Fret Over Mistakes

You are bound to commit errors when you are in the learning process. Do not fear the mistakes or get demotivated from them. The same goes for grammar. It will take time to understand the grammar rules of a new language. Do not worry about it at the starting phase of your language-learning process.

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