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Commonly Confused Words in English

English is a tricky language to learn. Confusing spellings and numerous exemptions to grammar rules are just some complaints that first-time English learners have. Not to mention words with different meanings that sound exactly the same! On the other hand, English is easy to learn in a lo read more

February 13, 2020

Interesting English Facts That You Did Not Know

If you are buried deep in your English exam preparation for the upcoming BISE board exam, then you have probably lost interest in the language by this point. It can become extremely mundane to repeatedly go over spellings, grammar rules, and letter-writing formats. The repetitive exam p read more

November 28, 2019

Punctuation Rules That Every Student Should Know

Knowing punctuation rules is not only necessary for your English exam, but you will need to use them for every other subject’s exam as well. Here are some basic punctuation rules that every student must know: Rule 1: PeriodsUse periods at the end of every sentence. Exclamation points (! read more

September 1, 2019