How is Helping Teachers?

How is Helping Teachers?

E-learning is an educational innovation whereby an educational curriculum is available via electronic devices. It carries numerous benefits for students and teachers alike.

Recently, has been introduced in Pakistan. It is the country’s first comprehensive online educational platform, that is dedicated to providing high-quality study resources for all educational boards.

In fact, offers a wide range of premium exam preparation resources, including:

  • The previous five-year solved past papers
  • Textbook questions and answers
  • Book notes
  • Practice MCQs

And more!

Clearly, these resources are helpful for both students and teachers when it comes to exam preparation. As a teacher,’s online study materials can allow you to help your students in the most effective way.

Here are just some ways that is helpful for teachers.


How is Helping Teachers


Lecture Notes

Teachers can use’s book notes and solved past papers to help in creating their lecture notes. Since the exam preparation resources are created according to the latest syllabus by a strong team of subject professionals, teachers will surely benefit from the resources when planning their lectures.



The previous five-year solved past papers and practice MCQs are very useful to teachers when it comes to assigning homework to students. Teachers can create helpful worksheets for their students by taking reference from the past papers. This way, the homework will be a rich source of exam preparation for students.


Marking Questions

The solved past papers consist of A-grade worthy solutions. Therefore, teachers can use’s paper solutions as a benchmark when marking their student’s assignments, quizzes, and mock exams. This will make the grading process much smoother and will ensure that the marks are closely reflective of the actual final exams grading scheme.


Giving Tips to Students

With the help of the previous five-year solved past papers, teachers can observe the paper pattern of the actual exams. This way, they can understand the marks and time allocation and identify important questions throughout the years. This way, teachers will be able to provide meaningful study tips and advice to their students.

Clearly, is very helpful to teachers. It can help them enhance their students’ exam preparation in various ways. Furthermore, it can be a great teaching aid to facilitate lectures.

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