How to Be a Good Physics Student

How to Be a Good Physics Student


Physics, despite being an extremely fascinating subject, has a bad reputation among matric students for being extremely difficult. The complex theories and length calculations make studying the subject a nightmare for many.

While physics is surely a tricky subject to master, it can quickly become enjoyable to learn with the right exam preparation study strategies and tips.


Here are the best study tips to help become a better student of physics


Keep an Open Mind

Basic physics concepts are easy to understand by taking a look at real life examples. For example, tossing a ball in the air is a good example of gravity at work. However, more advanced physics moves beyond the realm of our everyday experience. Concepts such as astrophysics or elementary particles can become more difficult to understand. Either way, it is important to approach the subject with an open mind and allow yourself to explore the realm of knowledge that it offers. This will make your learning experience truly enjoyable.


Follow the Syllabus

The syllabus is your guide for exam preparation. It clearly displays all the chapters and topics that you will need to cover for the final exams. So, obtain the most recent copy of the updated Federal Board 9th class physics syllabus. Read through the syllabus thoroughly to get an idea of the chapters that must be covered by your exam preparation. Moreover, keep the syllabus with you while you study to stay on track, and avoid skipping out on important topics.


Become a Conceptual Learner

Physics is all about concepts. It is highly applicable to everyday life, so avoid treating it as another subject that must be blindly memorized. Physics is built on a series of conceptual stepping stones, which are the fundamental principles and laws of the universe. It is important to conceptually develop an understanding of the logic behind each law, as this will allow you to answer questions on the final exams and easily progress into more advanced topics. Use mind maps, examples, and diagrams to help to become a more conceptual thinker.


Practice the Solved Past Papers

Physics, being the practical subject that it is, demands practice. Simply reading is not enough to prepare yourself for the final exam. You must practice solving questions, especially for numericals. The best way to get practice for the 9th class physics exam is with solved past papers. Get a hold of the Federal Board 9th class physics solved past papers, and practice each year’s papers at least once. This will help you develop writing skills and analytical skills needed to master the final exams.


Improve Mathematics Skills

Mathematics is a large component of the physics curriculum, whether you like it or not. Therefore, in order to truly become a better student physics, you must improve your math skills. Start with the basics, then focus on understanding the formulae and the logic behind each calculation. Get tons of practice from exercise questions and the solved past papers in order to become a mathematician and physics whiz!


As long as you follow these study tips and strategies, you will quickly become a better student in physics. With these study strategies, you can quickly become a master in the Federal Board 9th class physics final exams, and even top the board!

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