How to Emphasize more on Female Education

February 11, 2020 | Education System | 0 comments

There is a great need to emphasize the importance of female education worldwide. Education of the girl child has been a sustainable development goal (SDG) for a long time now, yet there is still a long way to go. 

Pakistan is no exemption to the lack of female education. In fact, gender inequality is a huge problem in Pakistan, where societal beliefs give preference to males in every walk of life. As a result, female education is commonly placed on the backburner in comparison to male education, when it is not completed ignored. 

There are many international and local organizations that are working towards promoting the education of the girl child. These are commendable efforts, but the rest of the population must also do its part in empowering female education in order to truly see some results.

Giving Rights to the Girl Child

It is common in Pakistani families to undermine the rights of the girl child, from day one. Families often pray for a male baby, and in many cases are disappointed when it is a female. They are given less rights from childhood, including being given less food to eat, less importance to their health and well-being, and less freedom of choice. Among all these deprivations of human rights to the girl child, they are also deprived of education.

In order to raise awareness of the importance of female education, therefore, it is necessary to remove the societal customs that give less importance to females. There must be efforts to raise awareness of the importance and value of the girl child. Families must be made aware of female rights, and moreover they must understand these rights. Only then will families begin to see the undeniable importance of giving their daughters an opportunity to attain education.

Awareness of the Importance of Education

It is important to note that even in families where daughters are well-treated and given basic rights, they may still be deprived from attending school simply due to the fact that the family doesn’t see the importance of education. This is common in rural areas where poverty and illiteracy is high. In these areas, many families believe that school is a waste of time when children can be sent to work for meagre wages.

Therefore, it is important to raise awareness about the importance of education. This includes education for all children, both boys and girls. Once there is an increased awareness and familiarity with the concept of formal education, families will be more willing to send their daughters to school.

Providing Access to Schools

There are several cases where parents are not against educating their daughters’ per say, but the lack of accessibility of safe, secure, and nearby schools prevents them from sending their daughters to school. In rural areas of Pakistan, there is often a lack of infrastructurally sound, secure schools that are within a reasonable distance. As a result, parents do not feel comfortable sending their daughters to far away schools, so they are kept at home.

Therefore, it must be the responsibility of the government to provide all citizens with schools within a reasonable distance. Furthermore, the government must ensure that the schools are safe, secure, and equipped with all necessary facilities. This will make parents feel comfortable sending their daughters to school.

Provision of All-Girl Schools

In order to emphasize female education, the Pakistani government must also invest more into all-girls schools. This will make families feel more comfortable sending their daughters to school, as compared to co-ed schools. The all-girls schools should have all the necessary facilities such as operational bathrooms, functional classrooms, etc.. in order to reduce the hesitation of families.

Especially in rural areas where co-ed education is looked down upon, the provision of all-girls schools will promote female education. Furthermore, the government can provide incentives to families who send their daughters to these schools, such as monthly stipends or book allowances.

Through these measures and reforms of the education sector, Pakistan can place more emphasis on female education and promote the education of the girl child. These measures are necessary for female empowerment, as well as the overall well-being and economy of the country.

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