How to Gain Respect from Schoolmates

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Everyone wants to be respected. It is a good feeling when other people listen to your opinions, and treat you with consideration. However, not everyone feels respected. In school, it may seem like none of your classmates respect you, which can make you feel upset and low.


However, it is possible to earn the respect of your peers. There are some small but powerful steps that you can take in order to gain the respect of your classmates. Keep in mind that earning respect does not mean that other people should hang on your every word and operate under your control.


If you want to learn how to be respected by your friends and peers in school, then check out these steps:


Give Respect, Gain Respect

Give Respect, Gain Respect


Always remember the golden rule – “treat others the way you want to be treated”. This means that if you expect your classmates to treat you with respect, then you must reciprocate the respect towards them.


For example, if you treat others with kindness, they will return the favor. However, if you treat them with little respect for their feelings, then they will behave with hostility to you. The most respected people in the world are not those who control and dominate others, but those who gain the admiration of others.


Respect Yourself

Respect Yourself


Before others can start respecting you, you must care for yourself. This means caring for yourself. Treat yourself well by developing good self-esteem. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love and respect, and treat yourself with love and respect. When your peers see that you are confident in your skin, they will automatically respect you more.


This also means standing up for what you believe in. Stay true to your values, and do not fall into peer pressure in the attempt to gain your classmate’s respect. For example, falling into peer pressure by allowing your classmates to cheat off of you on the final exams won’t gain their respect; it will only make you feel like a doormat. So, respect yourself and your values.


Focus on What is Important

Focus on What is Important


Gaining respect also extends to your academic behavior. If your peers see that you are hardworking and making an effort toward your studies, they will automatically gain more respect for you. While it may seem cooler to be the class clown or the backbencher, this will not necessarily make your peers respect you. At the end of the day, dedication and effort are always applauded.


Peers will also respect you if you manage to perform well on the final exams. So, develop a strong exam preparation strategy, work consistently, and dedicatedly, and it will pay off. Not only will you make your teachers and parents proud, but you will be proud of yourself. In this way, your classmates and friends will also appreciate you.


Be Humble

While displaying academic excellence is a good way to gain the respect of your peers, be careful. Do not shove your achievements and efforts in other people’s face, otherwise, you will come off as arrogant. For example, loudly proclaiming how many hours you spend in exam preparation, or putting down others for not solving as many past papers as you are not a good way to gain respect.


Rather, let your effort speak for you. Working in silence and remaining humble will go a long way in gaining the respect of your classmates. Bragging about your achievements has the opposite effect. It will likely make your peers resent you instead of respecting you.


Be Helpful and Courteous

While you work on improving yourself, try to do the same for others. For example, offer to help your classmate who is struggling with their exam preparation. Or be kind to those who ask for your help. This is a great way to gain their respect.


Keep in mind that this does not mean allowing others to take advantage of you. If you feel as though someone is taking you for granted, for example, by asking you to complete their assignments for them, or depending on you 100% for their exam preparation, then stand your ground. Tell them that there is a difference between helping and doing the entire work for them.


These are small but powerful actions that will earn the respect of your friends and schoolmates. At the end of the day, however, be sure to stay true to yourself. Do not pretend to be someone you are not in the hopes of gaining their respect. Instead, work on being an improved version of yourself. This will help you remain true and authentic while earning respect.

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