How To Study And Remember

How To Study And Remember

Are you frustrated because you are studying so hard and spending a lot of time on studies but still don’t know how to remember what you learn?

It is a problem of so many students. When they learn new things, they eventually forget the old ones. The struggle of remembering things in the examination hall makes them angry at themselves.

Many students ask, How they can improve memory for studying or Is there any ways to retain information in mind for a long time? 


Best Tips To Help Study And Remembering


  • Break the study material into pieces

The bite-sized chunks of study material make it easier to digest. It means dividing the study material into small pieces. For instance, if you are studying English vocabulary, don’t try to learn 7-8 words together.   

  • Take notes

While listening to lecture videos or reading textbooks, write down important pieces of information like flash notes or memory cards. You can also summarize concepts. Research indicates that writing key points by hand engages your brain and lets you memorize it for a long time. 

  • Test Yourself

You can test yourself by asking basic questions about any topic like what is the summary of this poem or the main idea of the chapter. 

  • Associate things together and make cues

Create a connection between things if you want them to remember for the exam day. Making acronyms and abbreviations help you to memorize titles and topics. You can also associate pictures, and words of any paragraph to your daily life things. 

  • Speak out loud 

This trick is practised from centuries and known as the most working tip for memorizing anything for a long time. Speaking loudly while putting your hands on your ears, let you learn fast and remember that thing. Also known as the “Ratta System” traditionally. 

  • Teach what you have learned

Teaching is known as the best way to learn. Before teaching, it is necessary to understand by yourself. Thus in the teaching process, whether with friends or class fellows, you will have to summarize the points which can help you remember the learning material well. 

  • Take short breaks 

Forcing yourself to study for a long time in one sitting makes your body restless and disturbed. You start to nod off or find your brain numb. It is better to take short breaks of 5-15 minutes to eat snacks, stretch your muscles, or relax your eyes.

  • Avoid studying in comfy places.

Too comfy places like bed let you feel sleepy and comfortable. Sit at a desk or table if you want to focus on studies. 

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