How to Study During Family Shadi Season

July 30, 2020 | Exam Preparation | 0 comments

First of all, accept our sympathies for having to study right in the middle of the shadi season (which is the only constant in this ever-changing world). Preparing for the board exams can be stressful enough itself, let alone it requires to be done in the wedding season.

However, there is no need to panic for you can still get through with it and score big in exams. All you have to do is become more organized. Here is how you can study if you have a family wedding coming over:


Create A Study Schedule

Creating a study schedule is important even in ordinary times. It becomes vital when you have to make the best of every minute you can set aside for study. Take your exam preparation as a part-time job. No matter what is going on in your home, you will not skip the job. Apply this to your studies as well.

Earmark a few hours for study time and stick to it. Set targets for you by making small assignments. Take out time for revision at the day end, ideally, before you go to bed. That will help you retain the knowledge you attained during the day.


Do Not Miss Out On the Fun

Concentrating on studies is important, as it can be determined one’s future career choices. However, recreation is crucial for good mental health too. Participate in the on-going activities and spend time with the family as well. Ensure that you are creating a balance between study and other activities. If your exams are near, try to give more time to your study but do not skip the leisure time altogether.


Study Religiously

When you study, do it religiously. Once you are done with creating a schedule, stick to it. Also, concentrate solely on the task in hand. Your mind should not be on the new dress you are going to buy for the wedding day when you have a book opened in front of you. Try to make optimal use of the time you have.


Take Outside Help

If you could not prepare the book notes or skipped a few lectures, seek outside help. Borrowing notes from your friend is a good idea, but they might not be completely accurate. In that case, you can acquire complete book notes from the market. However, confirm their authenticity before making a purchase. Some online learning platforms are also offering book notes for metric and intermediate classes.


Solve Past Papers

Solving past papers is one of the most effective ways of testing your knowledge. It helps you acquaint with the specific paper pattern and gives you an idea about the upcoming exam. Utilizing solved past papers is even better, as you can tally your answers on the go. 

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