How to Study for Exams Online Without Wasting Time

  • July 9, 2019
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How to Study for Exams Online Without Wasting Time

After discovering the benefits of e-learning and online exam preparation tools, more and more students have switched from piles of textbooks to countless tabs on their computers. There are many benefits of studying online. If you’re one of the students who plan to prepare for exams online, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

A lot of students don’t notice that they’re wasting time instead of actually getting studying done. This can happen even if you’re studying the traditional way, but the likelihood increases when you’ve got millions of cat videos waiting for you to watch just a click away. If you’ve realized that you might not have the self-discipline to strictly study when you’re preparing for your exams online, then here’s what you can do:


It’s easy to waste time when you aren’t following a schedule. You tell yourself “I’ll do it after this thing” but that thing ends and another comes up, while your exam preparation has to wait. Instead of relying on other things, try your best to make a sensible time table for yourself. The benefits of this schedule will be that you won’t feel stressed, you won’t procrastinate, and you’ll get everything done on time.


This isn’t just so you can reap the numerous health benefits that rising early offers. Waking up early will give you lots of time by yourself. Usually, there’s not a lot happening in the early morning hours. If you wake up early, you won’t have the chatter of your family or texts from your friends to distract you. You’ll be by yourself without any noise, and that’s the best environment for getting lots of studying done! By the time evening rolls around and there are distracting things happening, you’ll be able to set studying aside for a while enjoy your time socializing before going to bed to get a good night’s rest.

An added bonus: because not a lot of people in your area will be awake or home, your Wi-Fi will run smoothly. This is perfect when you’re studying online. The reason your Wi-Fi will be faster is that the more burden is on your Wi-Fi device, the slower is its performance. Aside from that, radio noise also strongly affects your Wi-Fi speed.


The distraction caused by social media is no joke. You’ll be focusing perfectly fine on your online past paper, but a single glimpse at Instagram or Twitter will cause you to waste hours without even realizing. It’s better to use website blockers when you’re preparing for your exams, online or not. But remember this: the chances of you getting distracted by websites and apps is higher when you’re studying online. Stay cautious!


It’s better to work with deadlines for a lot of people. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to go a little hard on yourself. Set targets, deadlines and even punishments if you’re the type to work best under pressure. Solving a single past paper should not take longer than 2 hours, for example. Just make sure that you don’t stress yourself out!


It’s important to take breaks while studying. But when your exam preparation is online, it’s extremely unwise to take your breaks online too! You’ll lose track of time by browsing the web and lose focus for a long while. It’s better to just take a walk or get a snack.


You need to be especially careful about choosing the resources you study from if you want your online exam preparation to be successful. Your solved past papers, textbook solutions, concept videos, etc. need to be of high-quality.


While some people work best under pressure, others flourish when they have rewards to look forward to. Set rewards for achieving big study goals, like completing a particularly difficult topic or mastering a subject. The rewards can be anything: a donut you’ve been craving, an episode of your favorite show, or a chapter of a book you’re reading. Make sure that you don’t take more than what you deserve, however, and work hard.

Studying online has many benefits but also some risks, just like anything else in the world. It’s up to you to make sure that you stay disciplined and achieve all your study goals. is an online exam preparation platform that’s very easy to use, so make sure to check out the materials here. Good luck with your online exam preparation!

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