How to Study in Canada

  • September 7, 2020
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How to Study in Canada

Located just north of the United States, Canada is known for its extremely friendly people, welcoming policies for international students, and highly reputed universities. Each year, thousands of international students realize their dreams to study abroad in Canada. 

Intermediate students who are interested in studying in Canada can easily do so, as long as they know the right steps to follow. Thus, we have created this guide to help students complete the process to pursue their higher education in Canada.


Meet Eligibility Requirements

Before sending out applications, intermediate students must meet all the eligibility criteria. Research the universities and programs that you are interested in applying for. Visit the official websites to view the complete eligibility requirements, and be sure that you meet the complete criteria before applying. In general, universities in Canada require at least a 70% average on the 12th class final exams. 

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Apply to Universities

Once you have met all the requirements, you can send your application to the relevant universities. Be sure to enter all your correct personal information and submit the required documentation along with your application form. Most universities will allow students to submit their applications and documents via the online portal. However, in some cases, you may be required to also send the hard copy of your documents via courier. 

After submitting the completed application, there will be a waiting period before you are informed of admission. If accepted, you will receive an official acceptance letter from the university in Canada.


Complete English Proficiency Test

In order to gain admission into any Canadian university, you must appear for an English proficiency test. This will prove your ability to understand the English language and to follow instructions in an English medium program. The most commonly accepted test results are IELTS and TOEFL. Be sure to pay the fee and book a date in advance. Also, prepare for the proficiency test with the help of study resources and past papers. This will ensure that you attain the minimum passing score. 


Obtain Study Permit

The final step to study abroad in Canada is to obtain the study permit. Once you receive your acceptance letter, then you are eligible to apply for the study permit. Application for the study permit can be done online or at a local visa application center. The application must be accompanied by the acceptance letter received in the previous step, your passport, and documentary proof that you have adequate finances to study in Canada.

After the study permit and visa is granted, then intermediate students can start planning their trip to Canada. Be sure to book a date before the start of the semester, and after the date mentioned in the study permit. 

Moreover, intermediate students should understand that getting admission to a Canadian university is very competitive. Therefore, a strong application is required to increase your chances. This includes having extracurricular activities, job or volunteer experience, and top marks on the 12th class final exams. This way, students can be guaranteed admission to study abroad in Canada!

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