How to Study in USA

How to Study in USA

When intermediate students dream to study abroad, the first destination that comes to mind is the United States of America. Known for its highly ranked ivy league universities, it is a perfect place to gain a high quality of education and chase the American dream.

However, when it comes to actually applying to study abroad in the USA, intermediate students are usually blank. However, it is possible to successfully apply for higher education in the USA, as long as the correct steps are followed. 


Here are the complete steps for applying for universities in the USA:

Research Universities

Before you can study abroad in the USA, you must know what and where to apply to. There are six degree levels to study in the USA, which are associate, bachelor, first-professional, master, advanced intermediate, and research doctorate. Intermediate students will generally opt for a Bachelor’s degree. After determining the degree type, find the program that is best suited to your qualifications, career plans, and interests.


Once you have decided on a program, then be sure to research universities and determine which institutes to apply to. You must meet the minimum marks requirements and other eligibility criteria in order to apply. This means scoring well on the 12th class final exams in order to secure eligibility. For the best exam preparation, utilize’s best exam preparation resources such as solved past papers, book notes, and lecture videos. These study tools are available for all educational boards including Karachi Board and Gujranwala Board


Organize Your Finances

The next step to study abroad in the USA is to organize your finances. You must be financially capable of funding your education in the United States. This involves estimating the total cost to study in the USA, from tuition fees to accommodation and transportation. You can also seek out scholarships and grants to help finance your education.


The US government does not provide loans, grants, or help with scholarships for international students, however students may be able to obtain scholarship opportunities from the Pakistani Government, HEC scholarships, or other third party scholarship opportunities. 


To find out about the latest scholarship opportunities in the USA, stay updated on Moreover, obtain top grades in the 12th class final exams in order to be eligible for merit scholarships.


Meet Eligibility Requirements

Each college or university will have its own eligibility criteria that must be met. Be sure to read each university website carefully in order to meet all the requirements. Apart from the 12th class final exams result, which should ideally be above 70%, you may also require a standardized test score i.e. the SAT. English proficiency test score such as TOEFL or IELTS, personal statement, and resume. 


In order to score well on the final exams, SAT, and English proficiency tests, be sure to undertake effective exam preparation well in advance. Use high quality exam preparation resources such as solved past papers and practice tests in order to prepare.


Apply for Student Visa

Once you have completed all the eligibility requirements and submit the application form, you must wait for the acceptance letter. If you receive the acceptance letter, then you may apply for the student visa. The student visa grants permission to international students to enter and live in the USA during the duration of their studies. 


In order to enter the United States for university education, international students must apply for the F Visa. Once international students receive the acceptance letter from an SEVP-approved university, they will be registered for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee. 


The SEVP-approved school will issue a Form I-20.  After the Form I-20 is received, and the student registers in SEVIS, then may apply at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate for a student F Visa.  The Form I-20 must be presented to the consular officer at the time of the visa interview.


Plan for Travel

Once students receive their student visa, it is time to start planning their trip to the USA. It is necessary to book a travel date before the start of the semester, and after the date indicated on the student visa. Moreover, students must arrange their living situation before entering the United States.


International students should also pack according to the weather. Some regions in the USA have hot weather conditions, while others have a cooler climate. It is important to research the areas where the university is located and pack clothing accordingly. 


These are the steps for studying in the USA. Intermediate students who are interested to study abroad should follow these steps for a smooth transition to the United States of America.

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