How to Study Smart, Not Hard

How to Study Smart, Not Hard

During exam season, you may feel compelled to spend endless hours staring down at your textbooks and consider that to be sufficient exam preparation. However, there is a clear distinction between studying smart, and studying hard. 

What does it mean to “study smart”?

Studying smart means to study in such a way that you learn in a productive and efficient manner, without overworking yourself or exerting unnecessary effort. Studying hard often seems like the only way to have an exam preparation, but the truth is it can lead to burnout without much output. 

After hours of studying hard, you may feel as though you still can’t remember anything that you read, and your concepts will seem muddled up. On the other hand, after studying smart for a shorter time period, your concepts will be clear and you will have actually retained more information.

How can you start studying smart?

If you would truly like to master the art of studying smart, to make the most of your exam preparation study sessions and score the best marks on your final BISE board exams, then you should follow these tips. 

Start With A Clear Mind

Before you begin your smart study exam preparation, you must begin with a completely clear mind. Sitting down to study when you are not entirely focused will only lead to unproductive study sessions. This is because when your mind is not directed towards your exam preparation, then you will find yourself constantly wandering off and allowing everything to be a distraction. 

However, when you sit down to study with a totally clear mind, then you will actually be able to absorb the information that you are studying. Not only that, but you will also find yourself better able to solve BISE past papers as you will experience better recall of the relevant information, since your mind will not be distracted by other thoughts.

Imagine your mind to be an empty vessel that must be filled with knowledge. This will help you study smarter.

Smaller Study Sessions

Students who study hard will sit for very long study sessions with low concentration. However, in order to study smart, you should divide your exam preparation study sessions into smaller chunks. For example, cover a single chapter in one study session, then take a break. After the break, complete all the topic-wise BISE past papers for that chapter, then take another short break. Then move onto the next subject or chapter. 

The theory behind having smaller study sessions is that you will be studying according to your attention span. You will study for as long as you remain concentrated, then taking a break will refresh your mind and reset your attention span for the next exam preparation session. This way, you will not waste time dragging out your exam preparation when you are clearly not concentrating on it.

Intense Study Sessions

That being said, having shorter exam preparation sessions will only lead to studying smarter if each session is intense. This means that for the short time that you are studying, you must have 110% concentration and effort. Sitting idly during your short exam preparation study sessions will destroy the entire purpose of smart studying.

So, make sure that you remain constantly engaged in studying for your final BISE board exams during each session. This means that you should be working your brain at all times, whether it is reading, solving BISE past papers, or watching informational videos. The point is that your mind is not to wander off during this time.

Study Actively

In order to study smart and make the most of your final BISE board exam preparation, you must study actively. Passively reading the textbook is not considered an effective exam preparation method, as your brain is not able to absorb the information and retain it as a memory. Active study methods ensure that your brain is engaged and encourages greater memory retention. 

Active studying involves learning methods that help you to actually conceptualize, understand, and apply the information. This can involve solving BISE past papers, creating examples to relate to the topic, making mind maps or diagrams to explain the topic, or re-writing notes in your own words. Studying actively will help you study smarter, as you will find yourself better able to recall the information on your final BISE board exams.

Follow these steps to make the most out of your exam preparation and study smart. This will allow you to make the most effective use of the time you spend studying for your final BISE board exams, without exerting yourself with minimal output.

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