Interesting English Facts That You Did Not Know

Interesting English Facts That You Did Not Know

If you are buried deep in your English exam preparation for the upcoming BISE board exam, then you have probably lost interest in the language by this point. It can become extremely mundane to repeatedly go over spellings, grammar rules, and letter-writing formats.

The repetitive exam preparation doesn’t do justice to this vibrant and interesting language. So, here are some fun facts about the English language to re-develop your interest in the English exam preparation. Hopefully, this will boost your enthusiasm for writing on the BISE board exams!

Shakespeare is a huge contributor to the English Language

You have probably spent many English classes memorizing the lines of Shakespeare. But, you may find it interesting to know that Shakespeare’s contribution to your English class goes far beyond his literature and plays. In fact, Shakespeare is credited with having invented 1,700 words throughout his lifetime. These words are part of the dictionary and your daily language. So, there is a huge possibility that next time you are solving a vocabulary-related question on your final BISE board exam, it is a word that was invented by Shakespeare himself!

Thousands of new words are invented each year

Did you know that approximately 4,000 new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary each year? That is a huge amount of vocabulary to memorize! A major reason for this is that there is no official setting of language standards, as there is for many other languages. Due to this, there is no controlled number of words that can be officially included in the English language.

Surprisingly, social media plays a large role in this as well. There are many unique words that are invented online that quickly become accepted and “trending” among English speakers. It is unclear, however, whether the BISE board exam syllabus is updated to incorporate these new words.

English is the second most popular language in the world

It is commonly believed that English is the most widely spoken language in the world. This may come as a shock, but the truth is that English comes second to Mandarin Chinese in popularity. This is because the total number of people who speak Mandarin is over a billion, which exceeds the total number of English speakers. This makes sense when you consider the fact that China is the most populous country in the world and Mandarin Chinese is its official language. That being said, English is common in most countries and tends to be the most widely accepted for online and professional communication. It is also commonly studied in different countries around the world, so you are not alone in your English exam preparation for the BISE board exam!

Many English words are derived from other languages

The English language has roots from the Germanic language, from which German and Dutch were also developed. In addition, the English language also has many words that are derived from other languages, such as French, Greek, Roman, Latin, Spanish, and more. In fact, even the word “alphabet” is comprised of the first two letters in the Greek language, “alpha” and “beta”.  Many common words actually come directly from other languages. For example, ballet, cafe, and rendezvous are originally French words, while kindergarten, wanderlust, and waltz are German. So, while you are undergoing English exam preparation, you may also be learning words from different languages as well!

Hopefully these fun facts sparked a new interest in your exam preparation for the English language and has encouraged your pursuit in the quest for learning!

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