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Problems Students Face in University

Intermediate students often fantasize about their university life. They believe it will be full of exciting events, fewer rules and responsibilities, and more socializing. If they gain admission into an international university, they imagine spending the four years of their undergraduate d read more

August 7, 2020

How to Engage Intermediate Students

Teaching intermediate students can be a challenge, to say the least. At the intermediate level, most students are at a sensitive period of their lives. They are at a stage where they are no longer children, but not quite adults. Furthermore, they are experiencing changes that can be con read more

August 4, 2020

Why is General Knowledge Important

General knowledge is defined as having knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Having a wide span of knowledge over a variety of subjects can be very helpful to us. It develops the brain, gives new insights and perspectives, and can help face various situations in life.  Moreover, gene read more

July 29, 2020

Four Places for Internship after Intermediate Exams

So, the intermediate board exams are finally over. Gone are the days when you woke up and went to bed with only one thing in mind—study. However, once a few days have passed, you would realize that you have a lot of time to kill without any constructive task in hand. You may get fed u read more

July 24, 2020

How to Become an Expert at Giving Presentations

Matric and intermediate is highly focused on the final exams. Therefore, students spend most of their time engrossed in their textbooks and past papers. There is less focus on public speaking activities and presentations.  Hence, intermediate students are in for shock when they enter u read more

July 23, 2020