Is Studying in Canada Free?

September 14, 2020 | Exam Preparation | 0 comments

Many 12th class students dream of studying abroad. However, they often feel discouraged when they see the hefty price tag attached to international studies, which makes them give up on their dreams. Many others remain hopeful and search for ways to study for free abroad.

If you are reading this, chances are you are hoping to study in Canada for free. The reality is that there are no tuition-free universities in Canada for international students. In fact, there are not even tuition-free universities for Canadian nationals. 

That being said, it may still be possible to study for free in Canada, or at a considerably lower cost. Keep reading to find out how:



The number one way to study in Canada at a low cost is by obtaining a scholarship. There are partial scholarships and full scholarships available, but they are very competitive. This means that 12th class students must study extremely hard on their final exams to score good marks. It also means scoring well on the English proficiency test and having an overall strong application. 

In order to score well on the final exams, use high-quality exam preparation resources. This includes solved past papers, book notes, and lecture videos. You can find these high-quality exam preparation tools on for all educational boards, including  Lahore Board and Federal Board. In addition to your 12th class exam results, strengthen your application with volunteer work, internships, and extracurricular activities. 

Research all the available scholarship opportunities available to you. In particular, universities may offer various scholarship opportunities to international students. Be sure to read their eligibility requirements and send in the necessary application form well in advance. This can help you secure a scholarship to study for free in Canada, or at an affordable cost. 


Financial Aid

Many Canadian universities also offer financial aid to international students who can prove that they are worthy of it. Aid can be in the form of an admission scholarship, grants, bursaries, or student loans. In order to qualify for this, you will be required to show proof of your family income. 

Moreover, financial aid is granted to students who can prove that they are deserving of a spot in the university. Therefore, in order to qualify, 12th class students must study well and score exceptional grades on the final exams. Use exam preparation tools such as book notes and solved past papers to help. In addition, have a well-rounded application with various extracurricular activities, work experience, volunteer work, or internships. 

Once again, research all the various financial aid options that are available in the university you are applying to. You can also search for some Canadian Government-funded aid, or HEC funded aid. In any case, submit the application form and attach all required documentation ahead of time. This will likely include your family’s income proof, tax records, and academic records. 


Student Jobs

Finally, another effective way to fund your education in Canada is by getting a student job. In Canada, international students are legally allowed to work 20-hours per week during the school term, and 40-hours per week during vacation time. Universities may offer various on-campus jobs for international students. Students can also find jobs outside of the university. 

A student job is a great way to fund university and gain work experience. However, students must be able to carefully balance a work-study life. Their job should not interfere with their education and grades. Self-discipline, time management, and responsibility can make working a student job alongside university a great way to fund an education abroad in Canada. 

These are the best ways to study very affordably, if not for free, in Canada. Be sure to explore all the scholarship, aid, and work opportunities that are available to you for studying abroad. 

In addition, focus on your final exams and use’s high-quality solved past papers, lecture videos, and other exam preparation tools in order to help you score well and become eligible for scholarship opportunities in Canada. 

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