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How to Find a Job in Intermediate

Finding a job as an intermediate student may seem like an impossible task, but it is entirely possible. Not only that, but it is very beneficial. Here are just a few benefits of getting a job in inter: Having a job from an early age gives you the experience and skills needed to progre read more

July 31, 2020

How to Make Money as an Intermediate Student

Have you ever run out of pocket money in the middle of the month?   Has the endless pleading with your parents to increase your monthly allowance gone in vain? You are not alone. Money management is difficult for everyone, let alone intermediate students. There simply doesn’t see read more

May 11, 2020

Can Biomedical Engineering Grads Become Doctors?

There are countless students in Pakistan who want to become doctors. Many of them shape their entire life in a way that will guarantee them success in this particular venture, from enrolling in tuition academies since high school to actually picking majors-best for medical careers. Howe read more

February 21, 2020

Interesting Specializations in the Medical Field

Being a medical student is no easy feat. After working intensely to score top marks on your final intermediate exams in pre-medical, you must compete for the highly sought-after admission into a medical college. However, this is not to say that a career in the medical field is not rewardi read more

January 28, 2020

4 Best Part-time Jobs for Students in Islamabad

A large number of students in Islamabad are not locals. They come from cities and villages near the capital city and are often highly ambitious. Many afford their own accommodations, such as rent or hostel fees, and food. For that reason, most of these students are eager to find part-time read more

January 27, 2020

How to Plan Your Career After Graduation

Intermediate students have a critical decision to make when it comes to deciding what to do after the completion of their HSSC exams. Applying for university, selecting majors, and planning career paths can be confusing and stressful, especially when students have minimal guidance to help read more

January 5, 2020