Most Affordable Countries for International Students

Most Affordable Countries for International Students

It is no secret that the costs of studying abroad can seriously add up. The huge tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation, food and drink expenses, entertainment costs, and insurance all pile up leading to an outrageous price tag that only the affluent can afford. 


However, this isn’t necessarily true, as there are plenty of countries that offer high quality education and a life changing experience for international students, at an affordable price. Here are some of the most affordable countries for international students to study abroad



Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is a vibrant and exciting city which has actually been ranked as one of the best cities for international students. The living costs in Malaysia are extremely low, making it ideal for international students living on a budget. Moreover, it has very reasonable tuition fees in its universities, and an impressive number of courses that are offered in English. Students can easily gain admission into a Malaysian university with a tuition fee of only $2000-$3000 per year.



Germany is one of the most popular study destinations among international students, since the tuition in most public universities is actually free. Not only that, but is it known for its high standard of education, and there are plenty of courses being offered with English as the mode of instruction. Although the cost of living in Germany is relatively higher than other countries, the free tuition makes it an affordable option.



 Hungary offers good universities and an impressive number of English programs, as well as a rich cultural life which makes it an attractive study abroad destination for international students. In fact, Hungary has five globally-ranked universities. The best part is that Hungary has some of the lowest living costs in Europe, making it perfect for studying abroad on a budget. University tuition may be anywhere between $4000-$5000 per year.



Taiwan is another Asian country that offers a high quality of university education and an amazingly low cost. Not only are the costs of living in Taiwan extremely low, but tuition in its well reputed universities are also very affordable. It offers plenty of interesting courses for international students which are offered in English, and when combined with its tropical scenery and low living costs, it becomes an extremely attractive educational destination. Tuition fees in Taiwan can be as low as $2000-$3000 per year!


Another European country, Poland, boasts extremely affordable tuition fees in its universities. In fact, the capital city, Warsaw, is considered one of the most affordable cities for international students. In order to gain admission, students may need to learn Polish, however there are also several courses offered in English. Furthermore, living costs in Poland are relatively high, but there are plenty of student discounts offered on almost everything, from rent and bills to Polish food and public transport, which makes it very affordable.


These countries are considered ideal educational destinations not only for their low costs, but for the amazing experience and standard of education that they offer. However, since it is so affordable to study abroad in these countries, there is a high volume of students who apply each year. Therefore, intermediate students must provide a strong application in order to gain admission into a university in one of these affordable countries. This involves scoring well on the 12th class final exams.


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