Social Science Subjects for Students in GCE

Social Science Subjects for Students in GCE

When it comes to deciding on GCE O Level subjects to choose from, the advice is often limited to only science or business options. This causes students to select one of these two groups, even when they do not have a particular interest in either. 

On the other hand, they miss out on the opportunity to study and appear for final exams for subjects that they are actually interested in. 

The truth is that GCE O Levels offers a wide selection of social science subjects for 9th class students. These subjects effectively prepare students for A-Levels, university, and career prospects in the given fields of social science & humanities. 

So, before you go rushing into your decision regarding subjects to study in O Levels, take the time to read this guide and consider the social science subjects that are available for 9th class students. 


Social Science Subject Options for O Levels



This subject explores aspects of social relationships, processes, and structures and helps students to develop a greater understanding of human societies and the role of continuity and change in social life.

Studying sociology at O Levels can prepare students for the same subject in A-Levels, as well as for university programs such as Bachelor’s in Sociology, Bachelor’s in Criminology, or other specialized social science programs. It can also lead to enriching career choices, so it is a good option for 9th class students who are interested in studying social behavior and relationships. 


Fashion and Textiles

This is a great subject for 9th class students who dream of becoming a part of the fashion industry. It will teach students about textiles, style, and choice of clothing, use of patterns, fitting and assembling garments, and how to care for clothing. It will also cover ethical, management, and marketing aspects of fashion.

This GCE O Levels subject is the perfect base for those who would like to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design or Fashion Management. Students can view the syllabus and the solved past papers to get a more clear understanding of what this GCE subject entails. 



This is an excellent opportunity for 9th class students who have an interest in the world we live in. This subject will teach about various natural and man-made environments on a local, regional and global scale. It will cover the cultural, social, political, and natural aspects of geography. 

This subject can open the doorways for a range of different university programs and career prospects. It is a great subject to appear for, as the final exams will prepare students for a range of social science fields. 



If you are interested in learning a new language, then GCE O Levels offers a selection of language subjects to choose from. This includes French, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, and even English Literature. 

9th class students who choose to study any of these subjects in O Levels can go on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages, or in a specialized language. It can also lead to great career opportunities such as translator, transcriptionist, or consultant. Students can see the solved past papers to get an idea of how advanced the syllabus is. 


How to Choose Social Science Subjects in O Levels

These are just a few of the popular social science subjects offered in the GCE Ordinary Level. Students are advised to explore all the possible social science subjects offered by their school and examine the syllabus, solved past papers, and other exam preparation tools for a better understanding about the course contents. 

If you find a certain subject that is not available at your school, then consider appearing for that subject privately. It is easy to learn the course and prepare for the final exams as long as you have good quality exam preparation materials, such as solved past papers, book notes, and online lectures. This can help you choose the best subjects for your future goals and accelerate your career prospects!

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