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How Can Timetables Systemize Your Study Routine

The secret to a successful exam preparation strategy is simple. In fact, it can be summarized into three words: Organization Consistency Routine This can be achieved through a daily exam preparation timetable. In fact, creating a timetable is essential for ensuring that you s read more

August 5, 2020

Study Habits You Should Develop as a Board Student

You must have heard it exhaustively enough that board exams are an important phase of your educational career. It may sound like a cliché, but it is true. To get through this phase with triumph, you have to do a lot of work on yourself. You have to change your approach and inculcate certa read more

August 3, 2020

How can we improve weak students in English?

English is an official language in the majority of countries. Not only this but it is also a global medium of communication. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) has a separate paper on this subject. Therefore, it is vital to get to grips with this subject, as it not read more

July 27, 2020

6 Habits to Adopt to Become a Straight-A Student

Every class has at least one exemplary student who manages to secure straight-A’s in all subjects. You may be wondering how to achieve this straight-A student status. It may seem like a talent that only few are blessed with, but this is not the case. You can also become a topper in your read more

July 23, 2020

Effective Literature Teaching Tips for Inter Students

Literature is a fairly large component of the intermediate English final exam syllabus for Lahore Board. In fact, both the objective and subjective papers consist of questions directly related to the required readings. Therefore, it is important for students to learn the required literatur read more

July 21, 2020

Self-Evaluation Techniques for Exam Preparation

All of us have different techniques when it comes to studying. Some take notes as verbatim in the lecture and then read and highlight them. Some write the lecture and textbook material in their own words and then memorize the key ideas. The same goes for self-testing and evaluation. Som read more

July 17, 2020