Students Feelings as Soon as Final Exams are Over

June 1, 2020 | Exam Preparation | 0 comments

Exam season is an extremely stressful experience for all students. For most, exam season means a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings, which starts from the beginning of the school year and continues on even after the final exams are over.


After the seemingly endless months of exam preparation, strict study schedules, intensive past papers practice, and (often) teary-eyed late nights, it can seem surreal to step out of the examination hall after your last exam.


After the last exam, most students are overcome with a wave of varying emotions. It may be difficult to understand and explain the emotions that you feel, but you are not alone. Here are some of the most common feelings that students experience as soon as their final exams are over.

  1. Relief

    Let’s face it; the very first thing that students do as soon as they hand in their final exam and step out of the examination hall takes a huge sigh of relief. After the entire process of exam preparation, long study sessions, and vigorous amounts of past papers practice, relief is a very natural emotion to feel. Just the thought of not having to wake up early the next morning to study is enough to feel overcome with relief.

  2. Excitement

    As the relief sets in, you begin to feel a sense of excitement. After all, the hurdle of final exams has finally been overcome, and now there is the freedom to do whatever you want. Your mind may already begin to start planning a travel plan across the country, hangouts, and gatherings with your friends, or maybe even a long night of sleep!

  3. Self-Doubt

    This sets in as soon as you reach your friends and overhear them discussing the exam questions. Suddenly, you start comparing your answers to others and become flooded with feelings of self-doubt. This is where you are overcome with thoughts such as “what if I messed up that question?” and “oh no, I’m going to fail this exam!”. You may even pull out your textbook and past papers to confirm whether you solved the questions correctly or not.

  4. Panic

    If you happen to spot a mistake or two after your past papers and textbook investigation, you may fall into a minor spell of panic. At this point, you may feel your excitement wearing off, and experience the onset of disappointment, exam stress, and worry. You may feel as though all of your past papers and exam preparation efforts were fruitless. Hopefully, this pity party doesn’t last too long.

  5. Acceptance


    Eventually, you accept that the final exams are over and there is nothing you can do to change your result now. This acceptance allows you to shake off the panic and focus on what is important; the final exams are over and now you are free to celebrate! During this stage, you will experience your mood lifting up again.

  6. Excitement (Again!)


    Hearing your friends and classmates chatter helps to regain your excitement. This leads you back to planning how to spend your summer vacations. Discussions about travel plans and how to spend your summer vacations start to flow, and the excitement reaches its peak.

  7. Exhaustion


    As you head back home, the months of exhaustion sets in. The months of exam preparation and past papers practice is finally over, and you can finally overcome your rest deficit. You look forward to going to sleep peacefully, without worrying about the exams or thinking about your exam preparation for the next day.

These are just a few emotions that many students experience when they step out of the examination hall after their last exam. Of course, everyone is different and may experience different emotions, but these are some general emotions that many students can relate to after the completion of their final exams!


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