What are Some 9th Class Physics Questions?

What are Some 9th Class Physics Questions?

With news circulating that the BISE Faisalabad Board 2021 final exams will be conducted regularly, 9th class students are beginning to feel nervous. With the 2020 final exams cancelled due to the COVID-19 uprise in Pakistan, students are naturally feeling a bit unsure about the final exams resuming in 2021.


This is because the cancellation of the BISE Faisalabad Board exams occurred as well as the closure of all schools across the country. Hence, many 9th class students feel as though they have not gotten the exam preparation needed to effectively appear for the 9th class physics final exams in 2021.


Luckily, online learning provides solace for these students. There are so many exam preparation resources available online, from solved past papers to lecture videos, that can help students prepare for the final exams, even despite the closure of schools.


So, if you are trying to prepare for the 9th class physics final exams for the BISE Faisalabad Board examinations in 2021, do not worry. You can find help from tutoria.pk. And to get you started, here are some practice questions, taken from the 9th class Faisalabad Board solved past papers 2019, for guidance.


9th Class Physics Faisalabad Board Examination Questions

The Faisalabad Board 9th class physics examination consists of two papers; an objective paper and a subjective paper. 


In the objective paper, there are 12 MCQs that have 4 possible answers each. Students must select the correct option, and they are given 15 minutes to complete this paper. Here are some sample questions from this paper, taken from the Faisalabad Board physics final exam 2019:


  1. The unit of force is:
  • Meter (b) Second (c) Joule (d) Newton


  1. Water freezes at:
  • 0 F (b) 32 F (c) -273 K (d) 0 K


  1. The energy due to motion of body is called:
  • Chemical energy (b) Potential energy (c) Nuclear energy (d) Kinetic energy

The subjective paper consists of two sections. In the first section, students must answer short answer questions. Here are some examples of short answer questions that can appear on the Faisalabad Board 9th class physics final exam, according to the 2019 past papers:

  • Why does oiling the moving parts of a machine lower friction?
  • Why is the height of vehicles kept as low as possible?
  • Define mechanical energy and write its types
  • Define pressure. What is the unit of pressure in the SI system?


The second section of the subjective paper consists of long answer questions which are worth 9 marks each. Students must attempt any two of the questions that are given. Here are examples:

  • (a) Write four methods of reducing friction

(b) A train starts from rest at an acceleration of 0.5ms-2. Find its speed in km-1 when it has moved through 100m.

  • (a) Define resolution of force. How can force be resolved into its perpendicular components?

(b) calculate the power of a pump which can lift 70kg of water through a vertical height of 16m in 10s. Also find the power in horsepower.


These are just a few examples of 9th class physics questions to get you started on your exam preparation for the Faisalabad Board final exams 2021. For the complete range of previous five-year solved past papers questions, along with their complete expert solved solutions, visit tutoria.pk and start studying!

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