What are the Laws of Attraction?

What are the Laws of Attraction?

In recent years, more and more people have come to believe that the universe truly does give you what you want. In other words, acceptance of the reality of the law of attraction has become widespread.

As matric and intermediate students, learning and understanding the law of attraction can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life. This is because it gives students the power to think positively, move through hardships, and focus on the positive.


What is the Law of Attraction?

In simple words, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. It is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on.

The Law of Attraction is categorized as one of the 12 fundamental laws of the universe, which states that “like attracts like”.

Let us understand this with an example. If a student wants to perform well on their final exams, the first thing they must do is manifest it. This means truly believing that they have the ability to perform well and succeed on their exams. The next step involves taking concrete steps towards exam preparation, which will help the manifestation come into fruition.

If a student keeps a negative attitude throughout their exam preparation and does not hold the belief that they can actually perform well on the final exams, then the universe will not respond positively. Hence, positive thoughts lead to positive results.


7 Different Laws of Attraction:


  • Law of Manifestation

This law states that anything we focus on constantly will manifest in our lives. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions and hence, positive outcomes.

  • Law of Magnetism

The Law of Attraction is always in action, so you are a real magnet that has attracted everything in your life and will continue to attract everything you think about. The energy that you put out into the universe, whether negative or positive, will come back to you.

  • Law of Unwavering Desire

This law describes that all intentions that you have are free of doubts. You must be steadfast in your desires. So if you really want something, good or bad, you must have that unwavering desire to truly achieve it.

  • Law of Delicate Balance

Everything in the Universe works in a balanced cycle, this law states that we must balance ourselves by enjoying and appreciating what we have now and always. This means focusing on the future without becoming too fixated on it which leads to anxiety and stress.

  • Law of Harmony

Everything in the Universe is in harmony with each other, and everything is connected to each other, including you. According to this law, it is important to realize this connection to nature and the universe to realize your true potential.

  • Law of Right Action

There are countless opportunities in our lives every day that allows us to bring in negative or positive energies into our lives. This law believes that the way you treat others is how you will be treated, hence, take the right actions for more positivity.

  • Law of Universal Influence

Like the ripple effect, our energies affect everyone around us, whether we know the person or not. Since everyone is connected in some way, our thoughts, beliefs and actions will affect other people. Positive people have a more positive effect on others.

These are the 7 laws of attraction. Matric and intermediate students should practice these laws in order to lead a more successful and fulfilling life.

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