Which is the Toughest Subject?

Which is the Toughest Subject?

There is a constant debate among intermediate students regarding the toughest subjects. Some subjects share a common hatred among most intermediate students, while some are less controversial, yet still considered difficult.

Here is a list of the toughest subjects, according to intermediate students, as well as effective exam preparation tips to make studying these subjects just a little bit easier.


What are the Toughest Subjects?


This subject is obviously at the top of the list. Mathematics has a reputation for being the most hated subject among students. The fact that it deals with numbers and calculations, combined with the trickier topics that are taught at the intermediate level, such as trigonometry and integration, causes tons of difficulties for students in the final exams.


There is no denying that physics is a complex subject that deals with understanding the universe. With so many theories, laws, and rules to remember, on top of advanced level calculations and mathematical applications, intermediate students are right to claim that physics is a tough subject, especially when it comes to the final exams.



Chemistry is yet another science subject that is labeled as difficult. It is a very applicable subject but can be complicated to understand. On top of that, there is an entire periodic table of elements to be memorized, as well as equations! Hence, FSc students often struggle with their chemistry exam preparation.



All commerce intermediate students can relate to the struggle of getting their balance sheet to balance! Unlike other subjects, accounting is an entirely new subject that is introduced in matric, and it can be tricky to learn the accounting principles, debit and credit rules, and the techniques for creating various financial statements. Hence, many students naturally struggle with their accounting exam preparation.


Pakistan Studies

For students who dislike reading and memorization, Pakistan Studies can be a huge struggle. There is a lot of reading involved, as well as tons of dates, names, and events to be memorized. Despite studying this subject since primary school, many inter students find it difficult to score well on the final exams.


How to Effectively Learn Tough Subjects

While these subjects may seem impossible to learn, it is quite possible to score well on the final exams, as long as students follow the right exam preparation tricks. Here are tips that can make learning even the toughest subject incredibly easy!

  • Approach each subject with an open mind
  • Create a daily study schedule at a time that is convenient for you
  • Read from the textbooks that are recommended by your educational board, such as Rawalpindi Board or Federal Board
  • Attend every lecture and ask questions when needed
  • Always write notes to help you retain information
  • Obtain the previous five-year solved past papers for your educational board, such as Rawalpindi Board, and practice as much as possible!
  • Use a variety of exam preparation techniques to help you learn, including lecture videos, trivia, diagrams, and teaching a study buddy
  • Revise frequently so that you don’t forget anything

With these exam preparation tips, and the best study materials and solved past papers, studying for the toughest subjects will be a breeze!

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