Which Skills are Required for Professionals?

Which Skills are Required for Professionals?

As 12th class students frantically fill out their university applications and apply for jobs, they move closer towards entering the real world. And in order to be successful in the professional world, there are certain skills that students need to develop.

In this case, sooner is better than later, as the sooner students are able to pick up on these skills, the greater chances they have of thriving in their professional lives.

Here are the top skills required for professionals that 12th class students should learn before their final exams!


  • Time Management

In the real world, students will be faced with many responsibilities that are time-sensitive. This means that they must have the ability to effectively manage their time to meet these deadlines, without procrastination or compromising on a balanced lifestyle.

12th class students should develop time management skills by the time they reach the intermediate level. Arriving to class on time, balancing school life with social life, and completing responsibilities without delay are signs of having good time management skills.


  • Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills, often paired with critical thinking skills, are another essential skill that is needed for professionals. This is because, in the workforce, professionals are faced with many different situations and conflicts. There is a need to think fast and make the right decisions for the betterment of the company. This requires the ability to assess all situations and make logical, rational decisions that are based on reason rather than emotions.

Intermediate students who learn how to become better problem solvers will not only be able to form greater leadership positions but will also learn how to tackle situations in their personal and academic life more easily. Even on the final exams of various educational boards, including Lahore Board, questions are asked in a manner to assess students’ problem-solving skills.


  • Communication

In the workforce, professionals must tactfully deal with superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, all who have different backgrounds and perspectives. Effective communication skills allow individuals to cooperate and negotiate with each other in order to make effective decisions, even if there is some conflict. The major communication skills are as follows:


  1. Speaking skills
  2. Listening skills
  3. Reading skills
  4. Writing skills


Perfecting these communication skills will help 12th class students express themselves more eloquently, thereby improving their performance on the final exams, as well as in their personal and professional lives.


  • Digital

In this age of technology, there is no way to truly integrate into the professional world without basic digital skills. This includes online research skills, digital literacy, online ethics, and how to use basic software such as PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Excel.

While such digital skills are not taught in the syllabus of the intermediate exam, it is definitely worth learning to get a headstart in the real world. Hence, intermediate students should take time out of their routines to become acquainted with basic digital skills.

These are just a few of the most important skills required for professionals. Intermediate students who are able to learn these skills during their 12th class will gain a significant advantage over their peers throughout university and in their professional lives. The sooner these skills are learned, the better quality of life students will be able to render.

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