Why is Chemistry so Hard

Why is Chemistry so Hard

Chemistry is known as a hard subject to put your grip on. Among all the science subjects, it is considered as hard to understand. There are several reasons such as math involvement, symbol language and practical application in the lab.


Take a look at some reasons that make chemistry hard:


Chemical symbols are confusing 

Chemistry is a whole new world for students of matric class. Every one of us can relate to getting confused between the sodium symbol – why Na instead of S? 

Chemistry symbols are based on Latin names of elements, such as the Latin name of sodium is Natrium and that’s the reason for symbol Na. These chemical symbols are confusing and hard to remember, thus creating an additional obstacle. 

Chemistry uses math’s

Chemistry is such a barrier for the students with poor mathematical abilities. Whether calculating the atomic mass, the number of moles or balancing equations,

you cannot run from math in chemistry. Some students use a calculator but still find themselves in trouble. A weak foundation in maths hinders students’ performance in chemistry. 

The Periodic table is tough 

A Periodic table is popular as a tough thing in chemistry. Yes, it is! But don’t worry, there are ways to learn and understand it effectively. Chemistry has its language and vocabulary.

The periodic table has 118 elements with different symbols, atomic number and atomic mass which is a bit hard to remember, unless you have the right exam preparation techniques.

Not just theoretical

Chemistry is a subject that not only depends on theoretical studies like history but lab work also. Unlike physics and math’s which works on logical thinking and problem-solving, chemistry requires both. Students have to involve their problem-solving skills to solve chemical equations. 

Everyone says it tough

Teenage years are that time of life when students get easily influenced, especially from friends. When they say chemistry is difficult, then it seems hard to you.

It’s all about thinking and assuming. If you think something is difficult then you will create your mindset about those things which creates a problem.  

Time taking

This is indeed a tough subject for those who start preparation only a night or a few days before. Every student should develop a study plan at the beginning of the semester if they want to get good grades. 

How to make chemistry studies easier?

Chemistry is undoubtedly a tough subject but some strategies make it easier to learn, such as these:

  • Use different study tools such as book notes, past papers, and textbooks. 
  • Study to learn, not just memorizing. 
  • Learn with the help of visual aids, such as mind map, diagrams, and illustrations for better understanding. 
  • Revise frequently and write the topic several times without seeing.
  • Practice solved past papers to get an idea of the exam paper.

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