Why is General Knowledge Important

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General knowledge is defined as having knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Having a wide span of knowledge over a variety of subjects can be very helpful to us. It develops the brain, gives new insights and perspectives, and can help face various situations in life. 

Moreover, general knowledge can help you excel in your life. It provides the problem-solving abilities to help conquer your final exams. Many job interviews require you to possess a certain degree of general information, so it can help you secure a good paying job. Moreover, it can help in your interpersonal relations with people from different walks of life. 

Therefore, there is a great importance for developing general knowledge.


Sources of General Knowledge

Intermediate students are at the perfect place in their life to start building up their knowledge and wisdom. In fact, there are so many ways to develop general knowledge as intermediate students, such as:

  • Reading books on a variety of subjects and genres
  • Watching documentaries and informative TV shows in your free time
  • Studying for the purpose of understanding rather than rote learning
  • Using solved past papers to develop a deeper level of knowledge in your subjects
  • Exploring textbooks and solved past papers of subjects, even if you are not giving the final exams for it
  • Speaking to elders such as grandparents or parents and learning from their stories and experience
  • Using the internet search engines to access mountains of rich information

In fact, any situation or resource can be used as an opportunity to gain general information and wisdom. The key is to be constantly curious. Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek out answers. 


Importance of General Knowledge

However, you may still be wondering the benefits of gaining general knowledge. Many intermediate students would argue that it is just a waste of effort when there are already lengthy syllabus and exam preparation to take care of. 

The truth is the importance of general education remains unparalleled. To drive the point home, here are some major reasons why it is important:


Exam Preparation

Believe it or not, but gaining general information can actually enhance your formal education. First and foremost, using your syllabus as a mode of receiving the information will enhance your preparation and performance on the final exams. Moreover, the effective use of textbooks solved past papers, and other study materials can provide you a rich source of general knowledge while helping you study for final exams.

Finally, even general information that is unrelated to your subject can improve your problem-solving and writing abilities, thereby helping you score more on exams. 


Professional Life

Intermediate students that develop a rich source of general information can have an edge over others when it comes to entering the workplace. It will help you breeze through job interviews, impress employers and co-workers, and develop a strong network with various people. Moreover, in your professional life, you may have to deal with different types of information, where your general knowledge may come in handy.


Social Life

Throughout your life, you will encounter diverse types of people, each with their own knowledge, interests, and opinions. Having knowledge of a wide range of topics can help you communicate and develop relations with all types of people. Moreover, it will give you an everlasting opportunity to broaden your perspectives and gain more wisdom. So general knowledge is actually a key asset when it comes to having a rich social life. 

As you can see, having general knowledge is important for all walks of life. In the end, it can make you a wiser and more balanced individual. So, intermediate students should all make an effort to improve their knowledge bank and explore a variety of topics and subjects. 

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