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About is dedicated to providing students with a self-study platform; available any time and accessible anywhere. Using the latest technologies, learning tools, and memory research we’ve designed high-quality study material, designed to help students retain information and keep track of their progress. Catered to various educational boards across Pakistan: Federal, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Karachi, Peshawar boards (with many more to come), our platform is compatible with any operating system that supports a browser, ensuring an excellent learning experience regardless of the device you’re using! Not only do we bridge the gap between students and parents, but we also support teachers with smart solutions! Join us, as we construct and lead the digital future of education in Pakistan.

We are located on Second Floor, Beverly Center in Islamabad. Please feel free to get in touch on 03-111-222-523 or click the button below to request a call back.

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Most students have to spend hours daily coming and going to tuition classes. Not only is this expensive, but also incredibly time-consuming! Between travel, waiting time, class cancellations, and exhaustion, students increase their stress levels, and are often crowded into classes where they receive little to no attention, get only half the relevant information, and can hardly ask questions. Then, there are those terrible waiting times, where you may be stuck in traffic, waiting for an appointment, but could not have brought the multiple books needed to cover the topic! It’s just a waste of time that haunts us during exam week. By switching over to, students can keep track of their progress and problems! We focus on concept development, and helping students thrive by focusing on their individual problems! Students can learn at their own pace while making use of our wealth of resources irrespective of where they are and the difficulties of daily life! You may not have much time, but you can make excellent use of it with Turoria!

Maximum Exam Scores at Minimum Cost

Based on research, tuition expenses prevail at maximum cost per subject per month. Our key concern is to deliver smart solutions to optimize your exam tayari, on an affordable price. We charge very nominal price as starting from Rs.5000 per year for all subjects of your required board/grade. You can access to solved past papers and book notes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, English Urdu, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies. You can get outstanding benefits at a fraction of the cost and with zero frustration. No Jinjhat… No Khawari… Quality content, excellent scores.

Portable and Flexible Solution for All was founded with a passion for innovating education across the country. Parents are much more concerned about the studies of their kids. With there is no need to worry about the future of your loved ones. We care for you. There is much more for students to learn and prepare themselves for exam to ensure Taaiz Tayari. Not only for students and parents, we provide support to our teachers in their teaching methodology with smart solutions. We like to brand ourselves as ‘Educational Architects’ and our aim is simple: to construct and lead the digital future of education in Pakistan.

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