Physics Grade 9

Gujranwala Board 9th Class Past Papers Physics

Section A-(MCQs)

i) Coefficient of friction between road and Tyre is                                (Mark 1)

A. 0.6    
B. 1  
C. 0.05  
D. 0.2  
D. 0.2

Section B-(Short Questions)

Q.2 ii) What is meant by zero error and zero correction?              (Marks 2)

Zero error:
            It is a defect in a measuring device (vernier calliper and screw gauge) and it is caused by an incorrect position of the zero points.
Zero correction means to make the adjustment in such a way that the measuring instrument shows zero when the input is zero.

Section C-(Long Questions)

Q.5 b) Find the retardation produced when a car moving at a velocity of 30 ms-1 slows down uniformly to 15 ms-1 in 5 sec.                                                                                           (Marks 3)

Given Data
                                      Vi = 30 ms-1
                                       Vf = 15 ms-1
        Change in velocity = Vf - Vi
                                        =  15 ms-1 - 30 ms-1
                                        = -15 ms-1 
            Time taken = 5 s
To find
                                            a =?
                                    a = change in velocity / time interval
                                    a = -15 ms-1 / 5 s
                                     a = -3 ms-2 

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