English Grade 12

Gujranwala Board 12th Class Past Papers English

Section A-(MCQs)

i) The acute stage of disease was about to come.                                (Mark 1)

A. Intensive      
B. Quick          
C. Slow          
D. Luminous
A. Intensive

Section B-(Short Questions)

Q.2 i) Why is the universe, of which our earth is a part, so frightening?                                                                                                                                                    (Marks 2)

The Universe is frightening because it is such a vast space where there is no life that we know of besides on earth.  It stretches millions and millions of years in time but is a lonely place.

Section C-(Long Questions)

Q.5) Write an essay (300-400 words) on any ONE of the following topics:                                                                                                                            (Marks 15)
A. Blessings of Science
B. My First Day At College
C. Pollution
D. A Village Fair

                                                             Blessings Of Science
 In the past century, science has made great advancements that have reshaped human life in all aspects.  Due to science, life has become easier in many areas and regions.  Man is no longer a victim of his environment and is able to conquer new heights with the aid of science. Science has opened new doors for humanity and, as a result, the condition of life has considerably improved.
The effects of science are perhaps most notable and commendable in the field of medicine.  Modern medicine has saved many lives and has eradicated many deadly diseases.    As a result of this, the life expectancy of the average person has increased.  Before people would die in large numbers due to plagues and infections; now, however, these diseases no longer have any power as they are cured through vaccinations and simple treatments. Even complex diseases like cancer are now battled with thanks to the advancements of science.  Chemotherapy has been saving lives throughout the world for years.  Without these scientific blessings, human life would succumb to these diseases and life expectancy would never have gone beyond sixty years.
The advancements in technology have made living conditions easier.  Due to modern technology, we are able to build homes and live in climates that were unfriendly before.   Due to the marvels of modern science, communication and travel have bridged the gap between areas that were once too distant to play any significant role in the affairs of the other.  The world has now become a global village in the sense that we can communicate with people on the other side of the world within minutes and in a matter of hours we can reach a destination which before these advancements, took months to reach.
With all these advantages, there can be no doubt that modern science has made the world a far greater place than it was before these great discoveries and inventions.

                                                            My First Day At College
I woke up that morning feeling very apprehensive.  None of my friends from school would be attending the same college as we were all interested in very different fields and all of us had chosen the college that held the prestige in our particular subject of interest.   So naturally, my apprehension over making friends the first day, or having to sit by myself and feel like a fool, was justified. Then there was the trouble of the college itself, I was afraid I would not know where my classes would be located as on the day of orientation I had been sick with a fever and was unable to attend.
I entered through the main gate with a pain in the pit of my stomach and looked around desperately hoping I would find someone I recognized among the crowd of boys.  It made me even more nervous to see that all the other boys were in clumps of three or four; they had already formed their groups and I would have to ask someone to include me.
I put that out of my head for the time being and focused my attention on finding the building assigned to the discipline I had selected and then find the classroom for the first lecture.  I was thankful that the college had signs and clear directions that guided all newcomers without much trouble.
There were three groups of boys sitting in the class when I entered and I made my way to the front of the class and sat down quietly.  Soon more and more boys entered and our college life had officially begun.
I realized then how different college was going to be from school.  There was no teacher looking over the shoulders of each student making sure they had done their work properly.  We were completely responsible for our own work and no one would be there holding our hands making sure we did the work.  The feeling was liberating and terrifying at the same time.  It was liberating because it gave us independence and it was terrifying because there would be little help and guidance which we were so used to.
Nonetheless, it was the beginning of a new phase in our lives and my apprehension began to turn into excitement at what the future held.

Pollution is defined as the presence of substances in the environment which causes harmful effects on the inhabitants of the environment.  Pollution is anything that has harmful effects on the environment.  The advances in science and technology have improved our living standards by a great deal, yet these advantages have come at a high price in the form of pollution for not only our planet but our individual health as well. There are many different types of pollution but the ones that have the largest impact are air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution.
Air pollution is the contamination of the air with particles and vapours which cause damage to the quality of air.  Air pollution is caused by a verity of sources such as the exhaust system of vehicles and factories. The burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, in our cars and to produce electricity releases carbon dioxide into the air.   Forests and trees, which used to help clean the air, are being destroyed at an alarming rate, furthering the problem of air pollution.  The polluted air and the carbon emission are causing holes in the ozone layer which lead to harmful radiation entering the atmosphere.  On the individual level, this radiation causes diseases like skin cancer.  And on a collective level, the radiation has increased the temperature of the earth resulting in global warming.
Water pollution is the contamination of the water from chemicals or bacterial matters which lessens the quality of the water.  It is mainly caused by dumping toxic waste in the water systems.  Polluted water is unfit for drinking; however, the limited supply of water has left underdeveloped countries without any options.  People drink the contaminated water which results in many deadly diseases.  While the chemicals in the water cause various sorts of cancers, waste, and litter cause diseases such as hepatitis.  Not only is human life affected by this form of pollution.  Water pollution impacts all marine life which in turn impacts the planet as a whole.
Land pollution is the contamination of the soil and it causes the soil to be less fertile hindering the growth of crops.  Land pollution, like water pollution, is caused by dumping waste and chemicals into the soil.  This dumping is done through the use of inorganic pesticides, deforestation, and household littering.  Land pollution affects the air as well as; as stated previously, the natural purifier of the earth, the green life, is being eliminated and the waste that is put out has no way of being cleaned.  Land pollution can affect the natural habitat of both humans and animals.
The worst aspect of pollution is that it cannot be completely removed.  One can only limit its presence through abstaining from products and activities that cause pollution.  It is the responsibility of all humans to use our resources wisely and to care for our environment by limiting our use of wasteful material and fossil fuels.

                                                                    A Village Fair
One of the most exciting times of the year for our little village is the annual fair that is held every spring.  For me, it is extra special as it symbolizes the ending of winter and the beginning of fun because only after a short while, the summer vacations start.  So for me, this fair is the beginning of the best time of the year.
My friends and I dedicate the entire day to the fair as there is so much to take in.  Our day starts at the Ferris wheel; from there we can see the entire fair and while on the ride we make the plans of where to go next and so on.
From the wheel, we usually go next to the popcorn vendor and get popcorn and soft drinks to satisfy our cravings and venture on to the next ride.   For most of the fair we go on ride after ride and eat as many different things as we can find.
We also play a game every year.  We hold a competition who can buy the most beautiful or useful thing from the smallest amount of money.  This is when we split up and begin our hunt.  The game is my favourite part of visiting the fair because this is when we truly explore the fair and all it has to offer. And it is always fun to see what each friend has been able to find.
I have a shelf at home where I collect all the things I buy each year. Each artifact has its own unique story.  It is like I have my personal museum of festival artifacts.  Over the years, my favourite item has been a small house made of porcelain.  It is an old fashioned cabin which reminds me of stories from classical novels. All these beautiful things on the shelf always remind me of all the fun of the fair which is without a doubt the highlight of my year.

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