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How Much Does it Cost to Study in the USA

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How Much Does it Cost to Study in the USA

The United States of America (USA) is a dream educational destination for all intermediate students who want to study abroad. However, it is also one of the most expensive destinations. While international students may be able to get a hold of some scholarships and financial grants, there is no denying that an American education can put a serious dent in the wallet. 

International students are also required to be financially able to fund their education in the USA before receiving the study visa. Therefore, intermediate students who are considering applying to universities in the USA must organize their finances first. 

To help you get started, here is an estimate of how much it will cost to study in the USA. Keep in mind that tuition fees and living costs greatly vary between universities and states, so students must research each university’s website to find out the exact tuition costs before applying. 



In America, there are both private universities as well as public state universities. Generally speaking, private universities are more expensive. While tuition fees vary between universities and programs, the average tuition for undergraduate students is $25000 per year for state universities, and $35000 for private universities. However, some private universities can even charge up to $50000 per year! On the other hand, community colleges can offer much more affordable tuition fees, but will grant an associate degree rather than a Bachelor’s degree.



International students will also need to pay accommodation expenses, whether they decide to live on campus or off campus. In general, universities towns in the midwest offer more affordable rent rates, while other busy cities will cost more.

On average, monthly rent may be between $500 to $3500 for a one-bedroom apartment. For those who opt for on-campus residence, monthly rent can be anywhere from $5,304 and $8,161.


Miscellaneous Costs

Other costs will include transportation, books, groceries, entertainment, internet, and utilities. In general, a monthly bus pass will be approximately $60, which will help students commute to and from the university via public transportation.

Some rent includes utilities such as electricity, gas, and water, while some accommodations may charge utility bills separately. Internet bills may be between $40 to $60 per month, while an average monthly phone bill is $50. The cost of university textbooks can add up to $1200 per year. 


Study Visa and Ticket

Before entering the country, international students must obtain the study visa, known as the F Visa. There will be a charge of approximately $500 for applying for the study visa. Once the visa is obtained, then international students can book their ticket to come to the USA. Plane tickets can vary greatly depending on the country you are coming from, seasons, times, airlines, etc..

Therefore, the costs to study abroad in the USA can seriously add up. International students must consider all of these costs before making the decision to apply and attend an American University. 


Are There Scholarships Available for International Students in the USA?

Thankfully, international students may be able to receive some scholarships or financial aid to reduce the costs of studying abroad in the USA. These scholarships are often merit based and offered by specific universities, third parties, the Pakistani government, or the HEC. In order to be eligible for scholarships, intermediate students must demonstrate academic excellence. This includes a good SAT score, 12th class final exams score, and English proficiency test score. 

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