Engineering Universities in Faisalabad

  • November 17, 2020
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Engineering Universities in Faisalabad

Faisalabad, previously known as Lyallpur is the third most populous city in Pakistan. It is the heart of the Pakistan Textile Industry due to the largest industrial sector and the biggest wholesale market of grains and clothes. After Lahore, It is the second-largest city, which holds great significance for buyers, sellers, and investors. In terms of education, It has many research and educational institutions in both the public and private sectors. Faisalabad has a total of 28 higher education institutions. In the categories of agriculture and general, the University of Agriculture Faisalabad stands in the 1st and 4th position in the HEC ranking of Pakistan. It has one of the best textile engineering universities with quality education and research. Here is the list of Engineering Universities in Faisalabad.

  • (UAF) The University of Agriculture
  • Govt College University
  • National Textile University
  • NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research
  • (TUF) The University of Faisalabad


  1. (UAF) The University Of Agriculture

The University of Agriculture is known as the best Agricultural Engineering universities in Pakistan. It is a public research institute in Faisalabad, Pakistan. In the HEC ranking, it comes 4th in Pakistan and 1st in the category of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. In the Shanghai Ranking of universities in 2019, UAF stands at No.127 in the life Science and Agriculture Science category. The quality research works of UAF makes it top research institutions in Pakistan.

UAF offers the following engineering degree courses;

  • BS Agricultural Engineering & Technology
  • BSc Food Engineering
  • BSc Energy System Engineering
  • BSc Environmental Engineering
  • B.S Software Engineering
  • MS Water Resources Engineering
  • MS Energy system Engineering
  • MS Environmental Engineering
  • MS Food Engineering
  • MS Agriculture Engineering


  1. Govt College University

(GCUF) Govt College University is a Public Institute based in Faisalabad. It is offering bachelors in different fields of engineering including;

  • Chemical engineering technology
  • Civil engineering technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental sciences and engineering
  • Mechanical engineering technology


  1. National Textile University

National Textile University is a public institute. It is the premier institution of textile engineering education in Pakistan. Faculty of Engineering and Technology includes the following departments;

  1. Department of Yarn Manufacturing
  2. Department of Weaving
  3. Department of Knitting
  4. Department of Textile processing
  5. Department of Garment]] Manufacturing
  6. Department of Polymer Engineering
  7. Department of Materials and Testing

NTU offers BS Programs in: 

  • Textile engineering
  • Polymer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Textile engineering technology

MS Programs

  • Advanced materials engineering
  • Polymer science and engineering
  • Textile engineering
  • Textile technology

Ph.D. Programs

  • Textile engineering
  • Advanced material engineering
  1. NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research

The NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research is a public institute situated in Faisalabad, Pakistan. For the awards of degree, (NFC-IEFR) is affiliated with UET Lahore.

NFC offers the following disciplines and degree courses of 2 and 4 years in BS and MS:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical engineering
  4. Civil Engineering

Also offers admission to MS in chemical engineering.

  1. (TUF) The University of Faisalabad

The University of Faisalabad is a private university from a Category of ‘W-4’ University, which is the highest level grade given to any university by HEC for fulfilling the Cabinet and HEC eligibility criteria. The requirements of HEC for ranking include faculty, programs, infrastructure, resources, laboratories, training facilities, an endowment fund. In the private sector universities ranking, TUF makes its place on 3rd position.

The unconditional commitment to quality education is the reason for TUF success and popularity. They are offering undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in lots of engineering fields

BS (undergraduate) 

  • Civil engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Electrical engineering (Power)
  • Electrical engineering (Electronics)
  • Electrical engineering (Computer System)
  • Engineering Technology (Electrical)
  • Engineering Technology (Civil)

Post-graduate programs

  • MS electrical engineering
  • Ph.D. electrical engineering

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