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Secret Study Hacks for Exam Preparation

July 30, 2020 by Admin in Uncategorized 4 min read

Secret Study Hacks for Exam Preparation

While exams are stressful at all stages, preparing for board exams remains the most nerve-wracking job in the educational career. All this stress, confusion, and panic can impact your performance and overall result. Moreover, even when you are studying hard, you may not get the desired results. However, you can beat the exam stress and increase your efficiency by adopting a few study hacks.


Learn Out Loud

You can understand the concepts by just reading a topic. But for memorizing it, you should speak out loud. Evidence has it that you have 50 percent higher chances to remember something if you read it out loud. Even when you are confused about something, reading it loudly helps you understand it better.


Memorize by Chunking

Studies show that people are more likely to remember things when they learn them in small chunks. Cramming all the concepts in a go will just result in forgetting them after a while. If you want to learn the material by heart, divide it into smaller chunks.


Exercise Before You Start Study

Exercise influences cognition both in the short and the long term. When you exercise, your sympathetic nervous system activates. Your blood circulation towards the brain increases, which means your brain receives more oxygen and nourishment. Moreover, exercise has been proven to stimulate and augment reasoning and memory. So, exercise before you start your study schedule.


Set Targets and Time Yourself

Assign yourself targets and allocate time for completing these targets. That will help you determine your speed and motivate you to improve your efficiency. It will also save you from getting distracted.


Reward Yourself

This hack proves to be very effective. Reward yourself with your favorite food after you have completed a target. This will keep you motivated and energized at the same time. You will have the inspiration to start the next topic.  


Use Self-Study Tools

Self-study tools like practice tests, book notes, and solved past papers help a great deal when you are stuck at something. They also help when you need to evaluate yourself or know whether you are going in the right direction or not.

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