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7 Must Have Apps for Every Student

August 3, 2021 by Wajiha Yasmeen in Student Life, Study 8 min read

7 Must Have Apps for Every Student

With the digitization of education, smartphones have become a necessity for students across the world. This has resulted in the creation of thousands of apps to help students effectively manage their studies and gain access to quality resources. But which of these apps provide quality and won’t disappoint with annoying ads or poor content. In case you are struggling with the same dilemma, read this article enlisting 7 must have apps for every student.

1. Photomath

A life saver for students of F.Sc Pre-engineering who struggle immensely to find the solutions of long and complicated questions in calculus or trigonometry. All you need to do is snap a picture of the equation, upload on the app, and get its step by step solution. Easy, right?

Photomath  has both a free version that provides basic features and a pro version that offers detailed explanations, comprehensive answers, and animated instructions. The subscription charges range between $2.99 and $19.99 based on the features of the desired plan.  

2. CamScanner

For the toppers of the class who invest so much of their time and energy into making efficient notes but misplace them while sharing them. Not anymore, as you can use CamScanner to scan your handwritten notes, convert them into PDFs.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about organizing them or losing your notes anywhere. This application provides a digital backup of your precious notes. 

Bonus: It’s free except for a few features that you might not need at this stage of your career.

3. Quizlet

Can’t memorize all the formulas of integration? Reactions of organic chemistry driving you insane? Use Quizlet, an app where you can create your own quizzes and flashcards to help with memorising difficult concepts.

You can then share the quizzes or flashcards with your friends and use them for virtual group study sessions. Flashcards have been a very effective tool for revision for decades, but such apps make them easy to organize, collaborate, and carry easier to organize, carry, and share them.

Brownie Point: It’s free and costs nothing!


If you are a student of matric and intermediate in Pakistan, then is the best e-learning platform for you. Our products, animated video lectures, solved past papers, book Q&As, and interactive quizzes are available at a very affordable price.

Since our aim is to make quality education accessible for everyone, therefore, prices begin for as low as Rs.100.  Additionally, packages and offers such as, no-tension package, sign-up bonus, and invite a friend bonus make them almost free.

Bonus: Their Textbook Q&As are free of cost.

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5. Quora

According to its website “Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge”.  A very practical app for students suffering from closure of schools caused by the pandemic and who cannot access a teacher easily.

Think of them as a place where you can interact with experts, professionals and students of all subjects 24/7. Post your questions and concerns on the platform and wait for the individuals to answer them.

Furthermore, you can look for similar questions that have been posted before and read their answers. The biggest perk of using quora is that most of the time you  will receive expert input. Oh! It’s free as well.


An everyday essential for Pakistanis, where English is a second language and is taught as a mandatory subject until higher secondary school. You can use it while reading classic literature filled with difficult and unusual words of english.

Just type in the word and get its meaning along with the phonetics. No need to learn the method of using a traditional dictionary. Plus is lighter to carry and doesn’t make your arm numb with its weight like a paper dictionary. 


If you have trouble keeping track of your tasks, remembering timetables, and staying on top of online classes, then download this app now. Use it for time-blocking your day during the crucial period of exams. Keep track of your entire To-Do list with this sleek and user-friendly interface application. is an award-winning app that has helped millions of individuals stay organised and punctual. You can also sync it across multiple websites and integrate it with Whatsapp to schedule texts and calls. 

Most of its features are free with a few exceptions.

We hope these suggestions for must have apps for students will prove useful and simplify your life. So stop worrying and start studying because you got this!

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